Kristine Saryan: Who Is She? Learn More About Scott Patterson’s Wife

One of those celebrities whose work is less known than her relationship is Kristine Sarayan. Married to Scott Patterson.

The public is more aware of some people’s relationships than their careers or what they do in life.

Kristine Saryan, who is an accomplished actress, is one of them.

The most notable quality about her is that she is married to another accomplished actor, Scott Patterson.

Here’s what you need to know about Kristine.

Scott Patterson Wife – Kristine Saryan

Born in 1984, Kristine Saryan lives in California with her husband and children. Though her formal name is Saryan, she was named Kristine Saryan after she was born.

Originally from Native America, Kristine is of European and Native American descent. She will be 37 years old in 2021.

Kristine’s early life isn’t well known to the public. She might prefer to keep it a secret for her own reasons.

Kristine Saryan

Kristine Saryan And Scott Patterson

They are believed to have met in 2002, when Kristine became an actress on Gilmore Girls.s. Scott had previously been married to another woman named Vera Davich.

Scott and Vera divorced in 1985 after just two years of marriage. It’s a low-key relationship between Kristine and Scott.

There is not much information online about them, even though they have been seen together several times.

Scott Patterson and Kristine have even given conflicting accounts about how they met. Others claim that they knew each other before their roles in Gilmore Girls. Some say the two met on the set of Gilmore Girls, while others say they were friends long before.

Some claim Kristine and Scott were friends in 2001. However, their roles in the series began in 2004. Chrissy, Miss Patty’s dance assistant, was played by Kristine. Their friendship has lasted over 20 years.

What does Kristine do now?

She hasn’t been seen much since the Gilmore Girls and Kidnapped.

Scott announced the birth of his son, Nicholas, on Twitter in 2014. The father could not hide his joy as this was the couple’s first child.

Although the mother cannot be seen from the Instagram posts, Scott enjoys sharing happy moments with his son, Nicholas. Kristine has made a decision to become a stay-at-home mom, who minds her own business and stays out of the public eye.

Kristine Saryan

Scott Paterson and Kristine Saryan Net Worths

There is no doubt that Scott Patetersn has had a successful career. During his career, he has starred in over twenty TV shows. Some of the most noteworthy shows are Justice League, 90210, Aliens in America, The Event, and Seinfeld.

Additionally, he played Agent Strahm in the horror franchise Saw.

How old was Kristine Saryan when she married Scott Patterson?

How old is Kristine Sarayan ? 21 years old. In 2001, Patterson met his wife Kristine Saryan during the intermission of a play they were both attendings. It was through a friend that they met. Saryan was 21 when they met, contrary to misinformation on the internet. The couple married in 2014 and welcomed a son named Nicholas that year.

Actress (3 credits)

  • 2016 – Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (TV Mini-Series)
    38-Year-Old Woman
  • Spring (2016) – 38-Year-Old Woman
  • 2015Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story (TV Movie)
    Nicole McKinnon
    2004Gilmore Girls (TV Series) Chrissy
  • Last Week Fights, This Week Tights (2004) . Chrissy


Scott Patterson has an estimated net worth of $15M as of 2021.

In contrast, Kristine, whose earnings are mainly from acting, modeling, and investing in the fashion industry, is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

There was nothing else we knew about Scott Patterson’s wife Kristine Sarayan. We’ll update this article if new information comes to light. So far, that is what Kristine has released for the public!