Kids get “pulled over” cop found dads beer can in back.

Kids get “pulled over” cop found dads beer can in back.


  1. Ma’am, I want you to know that you can not have this windshield tinted in that manner. Also, this appears to open container.

    All right, I’m going to have to have you step out of the car. We’re going to tow it.

  2. I drove for a group of friends one night, we hung out and went to dinner. I am glad I didn’t neglect cleaning out my car the next day. Half empty beer can in one of the cup holders. Pretty sure that would have gotten me an open container in Louisiana. Should have known, I’m pretty sure he like beer more than anything else in his life, even his wife.

  3. Well, you’re going to get towed, have a criminal record & I’m going to have to cuff you. All of that will be on your record until you’re 18.

    It starts young now-a-days!

  4. “No, it’s totally fine to have an open container. Cops will just laugh and let you go. Happened to me once before.”

  5. Looks like Dora was exploring the back of the refrigerator 😂

    Edit: I meant for beer guys relax.

  6. Get ready for the tsunami of 14 year old parenting experts pretending that you traumatized your child.

  7. This photo says so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    The one friend whose like…be cool …we got this


    The other friend who is like, omg when my mom finds out we’re dead…

  8. Didn’t expect to see this in funny, it’s definately a different perspective for sure.

    For a lot, this situation is terrifying.

  9. This made me smile. It is nice to see cops having a good joke. The look on the girl’s face is priceless… Thanks for sharing. I needed that smile.

  10. Better get used to it now then when she’s 16 and get pulled over! From a former LEO, that’s a great pic!

  11. Ahahaha! Thats cute. Perfect set up. I’m sure the kids will look back on this with a laugh too. Cheers , girls LOL

  12. Ah, yes, get them used to unnecessary police harassment early. Helps them accept it better when they’re older.