Haircuts That Everyone Should Avoid – The Karen Cut

Platinum Blonde Karen Haircut

Karen haircuts are the best hairstyles that can make you appear rude, entitled, and mentally stuck in the year 2003.

All eyes are focused on this name right now – for all the wrong reasons! As a result, Karens all over the world are suffering the brunt of a million memes mocking their entitled attitude, crazy complaints, and outrageous demands.

The most famous catchphrase of Karen, if you work in retail or customer service, is can I speak to your manager?

What is a Karen Haircut?

As well as an A-line cut, the Karen haircut can also be described as an inverted bob or lob. There is always a longer front section and a shorter back section. Thus, when viewed from the side, it creates a sharp angle.

We convey a great deal about ourselves through the way we wear our hair. Those who have long, wavy hair may appear relaxed and casual, while those with a pixie cut may appear confident and cool.

Karen haircuts are commonly parted in the middle or feature asymmetric fringes. They are often paired with chunky highlights. Despite being characterized by a blonde look, Karen’s style has evolved to include a variety of colors.

The Half bang Karen Haircut

High hair Karen Haircut

Justin Biber Karen haircut

Angry Looking Karen haircut

Original Karen Haircut

Asymmetric blonde bob is the original Karen haircut, as worn by reality TV star Kate Gosselin. There is a long, side-swept fringe contrasting with a short, spikey back cut in this cut. Unblended chunky highlights, which create a ‘tiger stripe’ effect, are perhaps the most iconic feature of this hairstyle. Karen’s original haircut is disjointed and unflattering.

The shorter layers at the crown are teased and sprayed for lasting power, and volume is almost always an integral part of this hairstyle. When Karen is screaming at a 17-year-old cashier and waving expired coupons around wildly, it is important that her hair does not fall flat.

Sexy Original Karen Haircut

Karen Haircut for Black Hair

It is not just blondes who can achieve the Karen look! A chunky, asymmetric, and unflattering haircut can also be a problem for women with dark hair. Highlights are perhaps the most problematic aspect.

Black-haired Karens risk looking like crosswalks for pedestrians if they maintain their signature unblended and streaky blonde pieces. Black hair with highlights can be styled in many different ways.

Fluffy Karen Haircut for Black Hair

Karen Hair with Brown and Red Highlights

Some brunette Karens choose red highlights as an alternative to the traditional blonde look. Karens are known for their red streaks, which range from bright copper to dark auburn. It is often paired with shorter and spikier Karen haircuts due to the edgier feel of the red and brown color combination. However, Karens may want to consider different options for brown hair with highlights in order to achieve a more flattering appearance.

Karen Hair with Brown and Red Highlights

Bubble Haircuts

The bubble haircut is another outdated style. Because of its over-teased crown and exaggerated layers, this haircut has a helmet-like appearance. This was demonstrated perfectly by Kelly Osbourne’s hairdo at the American Music Awards.

Instead of being blended, her layers were blunt and noticeable, and she further defined them with pomade. Additionally, she had her crown and temples rigorously teased, giving the appearance that she was wearing a voluminous wig.

Cute Bubble Haircuts

Overly Piece Locks

Long haircuts require layers for a variety of reasons. It is important to note that well-placed layers help add movement to your hair, as well as framing your face to perfection. Second, as we age, our hair becomes thinner, which is why layers are beneficial for adding volume.

However, you should be careful not to accumulate too many layers. It is possible to have too much of a good thing, after all. Try to achieve layers that are subtle and well blended, rather than choppy and overly obvious.

Overly Piece Locks Karen haircuts meme

Neat Karen Haircut

It is possible to choose from a wide range of Karen haircuts, ranging from edgy and spiky to primped and polished. There is nothing more elegant or sophisticated than a neat, feathery haircut for the upper-class Karens at the country club.

There are fewer exaggerated elements in this cut as compared to the classic Karen cut. A short length and chunky highlights are retained from the original Karen haircut.

An alternative to the typical side-swept bangs, the longer front is brushed forward and styled in a swoop with a little gel. There is a slight difference between this cut and the typical spike-and-swoop, highlighted Karen cut.

Neat Karen Haircut Photo Snaps

Platinum Blonde Karen Haircut

Karen haircuts are far from natural, which may explain why many Karens choose to pair them with eye-catching colors such as platinum blonde. Karens enjoy the attention that platinum blonde hair always attracts. In addition to their platinum locks, they often possess dark eyebrows and roots, which contrast with their platinum hair. The result of platinum blonde gone wrong is a brassy blonde Karen!

Sexy Platinum Blonde Karen Haircut Half Side


Make sure you do not let this haircut fool you. This may not appear to be a true Karen cut at first glance. In spite of this, you will find that this is about as Karen as you can get.

One side of this asymmetrical bob with a middle part is longer than the other. There is nothing typical about Karen’s hairstyle. In contrast, if you create a side part and flip the long side over, you are essentially looking at Kate Gosselin at this point. It might be a good option for a Karen who has reformed and is ready to make a change.


Karen Haircut Memes

Karen-themed memes are common on the internet. There are so many ways in which a Karen can complain and demand special treatment. Take a look at our collection of some of the funniest Karen memes, from kids with the Karen haircut to Karen’s facing off against their most worthy opponent: a store manager.

bowl cut meme Karen Cut

Funny cute Karen Haircuts

Funny Karen Haircut meme

bowl cut meme

Karen Haircuts funny

Karen Haircuts

Karen Haircuts

Donald Trump bowl cut meme

Elon Musk and Karen Haircut meme

Karen Haircut meme

bowl cut funny

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