I’ve always hoped they’d open one of these up

I’ve always hoped they’d open one of these up


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  1. This is in Richmond Kentucky, i used to work 2 buildings over at a CBD store, saw it twice a day, everyday but sunday for a year. Its still funny

  2. The building number is 420, maybe they were a little bit high when they came up with it

  3. Don’t work there. There’s only two people ever working – one’s a dick and the other is an asshole.

  4. They should move the door part way between the front of the building and the back of the building.

  5. I think the word paint is edited out on the brush. You can see it on the signs on the door.

  6. I’m confused are they selling taints or selling things for taints, because there is a big difference between the two, one’s funny and one gets real real dark.

  7. Oh because the paint roller looks like a T instead of a P like they intended, so you’re reading it as Taint. Now I get it!

  8. I always wonder, did the designer do this on purpose? Like is this an honest mistake? Or a malicious graphic artist?

  9. The opposite of when I went into a quick stop shop called “The P Store” and learned that it was P for Pornography, not a quick stop at all.

  10. They closed down my local Pizza Hut and turning it into a Mexican restaurant and their logo is a sombrero