Interesting Facts about Gorillas for Educators and Apes Video for School

Gorillas are incredible animals that possess a great deal of incredible qualities and characteristics, behinds their mighty strength and body size, which is, by the way, the largest among all extant primates.

These ground-dwelling herbivorous apes are known to take incredible care of their young and pass their wisdom to the younger generations. And it has to be said that gorillas do have a lot of knowledge to pass. They have been observed to make tools from common things that are found in their natural habitat. These tools are used for obtaining food or research purposes, such as checking the depth of a lake with the help of a stick.

All in all, there are so many things every child or adult can learn from this video. We also strongly encourage the use of this video for school learning and education.


  1. Gotta say it's annoying when people say, "They're our closest cousin, we share 95% DNA!" Because We share 95% DNA with a banana too, so….Does that mean we came from bananas….or?

  2. Suskeptable? The narrator also pronounced several other words wrong such as the city of Prague pronounced like Praeger U… Come on, educational for kids my ass. You just copied and pasted a bunch of stuff off of the internet. If it was for kids you could explain what an “extant primate” is and similar words not part of a childhood vocabulary. You’re just internet-trawling others’ content for a YouTube revenue channel.