Ikea To Launch A Recipe Book For Futuristic Food

Ikea To Launch A Recipe Book For Futuristic Food |


Ikea plans to launch a cookbook for future-forward cuisine that uses some out-of-the-ordinary ingredients. While the full recipe list is still unknown, it is expected that Ikea’s Space10 food recipes will be revealed in the book. With a dedication to sustainable and delicious recipes, Ikea has taken the next step towards promoting future-forward food.

In 2015, Ikea launched Space10 in Copenhagen: a lab that researches and designs innovative solutions to societal changes. Most people would associate Ikea with furniture, but Space10 has also created some innovative food solutions. For example, they launched a program that aimed to reinvent fast food items and even the famous Ikea meatball. Using some out-of-the-box thinking and a bunch of taste testing, the Space10 team was able to come up with sustainable but delicious food.

The cookbook, Future Food Today, is launching in the US this May. The goal for the book is to reframe how consumers see food sustainability by showing off creative recipes, how different techniques can be used to produce food, and showcasing how much food waste can be reduced. For example, the recipe from the “Tomorrow’s Meatball” project is included in the cookbook, and it’s a reinvention of the famous Ikea meatball. Using lab-grown meat, insects, and algae, the Space10 was able to create an upgraded version of the meatball.

There are other mind-boggling recipes expected in the cookbook such as the Dogless Hot Dog: a “hotdog” made of dried and glazed baby carrots, beet and berry ketchup, mustard and turmeric cream, roasted onions, cucumber salad, and a herb salad mix; and a bun made from spirulina, a micro-algae. This fascination for algae stems from a UN statement that claimed it is the most ideal food for mankind due to its rapid reproducibility and ability to clean the air. If we can harness the power of algae, we can potentially have an ingredient capable of feeding more people without increasing our carbon footprint.

While there are other sustainable ingredients highlighted, the cookbook aims to highlight the uses of algae and increase its use in the future. Everything made from it may appear in a green hue that can seem unappealing, it may be the solution to feeding more than seven billion people. With innovations at Space10, sustainable cooking with new ingredients can soon become more normal.