I think he needs a bigger trailer

I think he needs a bigger trailer


  1. I once saw a massive trailer truck and under a single strap in the back was a little yellow tonka dump truck. I appreciate the humor.

  2. Doesn’t this have something to do with superstition surrounding an empty trailer? I might be thinking of something else

  3. My uncle used to do this with a Tonka bulldozer with a Lego guy glued on the platform outside the cab. The guy had his hand up like he was waving. My uncle would get a lot of waves and pics taken on the highway lol😂😜

  4. What if this is on purpose… like he/she unloads his/her freight and pulls out that tractor from their cab and straps it down? ‘Someone somewhere will get a kick out of this…’

    I hope so. I think it’s awesome!

  5. I’m thinking maybe something to keep it cold and safe from the elements… how bout a reefer trailer?