i am always amazed on how my mom can find these things

i am always amazed on how my mom can find these things


  1. When my son was 13 I picked him up at a park he’d been hanging out with friends. The entire group of about 6 boys came to car with him and they all started on a crazy story that had resulted in my son losing his glasses. I think he brought his friends as protection or something. Anyhow, I asked them some questions and started looking. When I started, I heard one of his friends say, “She’s going to find them, moms find *everything.*” It may have motivated me to try extra hard but he was right. It took me about 15 min.

  2. My husband finds things by just standing in a room getting increasingly angry until I walk in and go straight to the thing. He just never actually looks, just gets frustrated. I don’t get it. I guarantee it happens every time.

  3. Your mom is probably really good at finding it because to her the remote is not just an entertainment control device, to her the remote is time, is other 40 minutes of you not asking for something else, so if she finds it she can get lots of things done.

    Moms are awesome, a dad here.

  4. Fun fact: only one mom at a time in a room can have the mom powers. Any other mom loses the ability and must go to the one with the power to find lost item.

    It switches between moms too.

  5. One time, I was talking with someone on the phone. After awhile, I realized my pocket felt empty. I reached in, and realized my phone wasn’t in my pocket, and I started to get worried. I told the person to hang on a second, I need to figure out where my phone went.

    I then looked at the phone in my hand, and thought, “man, I’m an idiot”.

  6. The moment you realize women don’t have magical ability to find lost things, but have forced mental load to be up to date on everything that happens, where stuff should be and where they actually are. Remembering where everything is takes a mental toll. Especially when others in your house don’t even try. Thanks mom, I love you.

  7. I think you missed the part where the mom says “STOP LOOKING WITH YOUR MOUTH AND START LOOKING WITH YOUR EYES”

  8. My mom used to tell my brother and me “a vagina is not a homing device!” 😧. But she could find things we never saw so…

  9. I tell my family “LOOK WITH YOUR MOM EYES”, since I seem to be the only one who knows where anything is.

  10. I tell my kids “If it was a snake it would bite you”, I wonder how far back in my family history that phrase goes.

  11. You know, this is so realistic. There she is, alone in the kitchen washing dishes, and two grown ass men still need more from her. It’s so funny.

  12. And when this happens just by yourself, stuff is not here, check again, yes it is. Aliens 100%

  13. I’ll legit look for something for 5-10 minutes. Call my mom asking where it is and she pulls it out in 10 seconds in a place I had clearly checked.

  14. Emotional labor. Women are expected to know everything about their home. Men just defer to them and wait to be told where things go and how they work.

  15. My mom was more like the “hide something you left out and then pretend she had no idea where it was” type of mom.