How the Covid-19 tests work

How the Covid-19 tests work

How the Covid-19 tests work from funny


  1. I love how the video looks so gentle. When I got tested, it felt like they were sticking a javelin into my brain.

  2. Good thing the test is not done by UPS/Fed Ex – because you know they will skip the doorbell and just mark the “no” box.

  3. I tested negative multiple times despite having almost every covid symptom. This explains it. I got a compulsive liar.

  4. If that’s how the test works. The vaccine works by asking it if it knew its car warranty was expiring and it should press 1 to renew.

  5. I don’t think nose swab was all that bad. The throat swab on the other hand was fucking awful. I went to a drive thru testing place and the collector was furious trying to get me to hold still to swab. Bitch you’re hitting a reflex, do you know why it’s called a reflex? Awful experience

  6. After having gotten 3 covid tests, I can confirm they do stick the q-tip inside of your brain

  7. This is a flawed test. What if the virus is taking a shit in the bathroom and can’t come to the door?

  8. I’ve been telling my kids that there’s a guy in the lab with a very sensitive sense of taste who’s been tasting the boogers on the swab to see if it tastes like CoV-19.