How Cats Improve Your Mental Health

Little did we know, cats help our mental health just by being themselves.

Having a cat can help you enhance mental health! We’ve seen time and time again that pet owners often feel better mental health than those who don’t own a furry friend. The mere act of petting your cat can reduce anxiety and stress quickly.

Today we’re sharing all of the numerous ways that cats better your mental health. Possibly this list will motivate you to become a new cat owner this year.

Perfect Companions

Cats are an excellent companion for anyone living alone. Whether you’re elderly or young, having a furry friend can help balance that lonely feeling that sneaks in. Cats require less sustaining than a dog, making them one of the best companions for anyone living alone.

Stress Relievers

As discussed earlier in this article, cats can help reduce anxiety and stress. Petting your cat and communicating with your cat help decrease stress quickly. When humans pet or talk to a cat they’re not thinking about anything else, thus allowing their mind to renew from a hard-working day of adult life.

Purring Therapy

The purr of cats models about 20-140 Hz which is known as a healing sound for human illnesses. The purring of your cat helps moderate heart rate, slow breathing, and heal infections simply by being close by to hear their purr while you’re petting them.

Help You Cope

A cat around can calm your soul while you’re healing from trauma. This is why many police stations have opted to have a cat on duty for their offices. Hanging out with a cat will help you cope with that feeling of grief or sadness.

Sense of Responsibility

When you’re living alone or don’t have any kids, having a cat can give you a feeling of responsibility. Human beings flourish most when they have someone to take care of. Having a cat is more affordable than having a kid and provides the best mental health support for a human that needs to satisfy that desire to take care of something or someone.

Better Sleep

Numerous studies have been handled to tell us that cat owners tend to sleep great. Having your cat purring and sleeping next to you will ease you into a deep nap. This helps your brain restore better as you’ll be sleeping more sound during the night when you have a cat companion beside you.

As you can see, being a cat owner certainly provides some mental health benefits! These furry companions will help you live a more fulfilling life with fewer mental health issues.

Little did we know, cats help our mental health just by being themselves. Their ability to reduce stress, offer friendship, heal with purrs, and offer their help as therapy animals make them the ideal guardians for mental health.

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