He got kicked out of his life!

He got kicked out of his life!

He got kicked out of his life! from funny


  1. I like how we all saw this coming from a mile away…except the dude that now sings soprano

  2. I was on the track team in HS. This is a complete failure of basic safety protocols. The hammer and shotput are the two most lethal things out there (javelin and discus can fuck you up good as well).

  3. As a track official, I can say with certainty that that’s why I stand behind the safety barrier and walk out to measure only when it’s safe. It’s extra work and steps, and slower for the participants, but I’m not taking one to either of my heads.

  4. Kid I went to college with died from getting hit in the head in a similar incident. Not funny.

  5. Walk it off. You’re a Soprano now!

    edit: I researched. OMG:

    *The men’s hammer weighs 16 pounds (7.26 kg) and measures 3 feet 11 3⁄4 inches (121.3 cm) in length, and the women’s hammer weighs 8.82 lb (4 kg) and 3 ft 11 in (119.4 cm) in length.*