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HBO Max has something for everyone. It has an extensive collection of shows and films. The relatively new streaming platform has access to content from the brand of WarnerMedia division of AT&T. It also streams licensed content like the entire compilation of Studio Ghibli films. Its co-production with other networks adds to its bouquet of interesting content.

We list below some shows and movies to watch on HBO Max

Friends: The Reunion – On HBO Max (2021)

We finally have the reunion we’ve been waiting for for 17 years.

The much-awaited Friends: The Reunion will be streaming on HBO Max. This is a special reunion of the popular American sitcom series Friends. The original lead actors will go back to the sets of the show. The audience will also be treated to behind-the-scenes footage of the popular sitcom. The actors will re-enact some earlier Friends episodes.

This unscripted episode will see a table reading of some parts of the original script. The audience can look forward to witnessing the return of the entire cast and creators of the original sitcom. All in all a treat for fans of Friends.

How to stream the Friends reunion special –  HBO Max

Watch now: Friends: The Reunion with a subscription at
HBO Max does not offer a free trial, so viewers will have to pay $14.99 per month right away to watch the special. HBO Max can be accessed with most devices, including Mac and PC computers, iOS and Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire TVs, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X or S, Samsung TVs, and Roku streaming devices.

Cast: Matthew Perry, Jennifer Anniston, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Courteney Cox.

Made For Love. (2021)

A woman is on the run after 10 years in a suffocating marriage to a tech billionaire, who has implanted a monitoring device in her brain

This series is based on the novel Made For Love by Alissa Nutting. This eight-episode series follows the life of a woman who manages to escape from a claustrophobic decade-long marriage to a tech billionaire. The twist in the tale comes when she discovers the high-tech monitoring device in her brain implanted by her husband.

This device allows her husband to track her physical and mental state. Her struggle for freedom from her husband makes for an intriguing tale.

The first three episodes of “Made for Love,” a dark comedy based on Alissa Nutting’s novel of the same name, will premiere on HBO Max on April 1.

Byron Gogol (Bill Magnussen), who has implanted a futuristic monitoring device in her brain, becomes a toxic wife for Hazel Green (Cristin Milioti), a 30-year-old woman trying to escape a toxic marriage.

Cast: Cristin Milioti, Ray Romano, Billy Magnussen.

Its a Sin(2021)

Its a Sin- HBO Max Shows

This critically acclaimed British drama set in the eighties follows the life of a group of gay men as they battle HIV and AIDS. This fast-paced show follows the lives of five friends over a decade. Written and developed by Russell T Davies this show leaves the viewers with a sense of hope.

The power of “It’s a Sin” has a crystalline quality. Nevertheless, it is filled with moments of grace throughout. It takes place in the present day and not in a bygone era, so death feels all the more real when it appears in the story.

It’s A Sin The AIDS drama on HBO Max is the best show of 2021.

The Flight Attendant. (2020)

The Flight Attendant is an American comedy-drama streaming television

Kaley Cuoco’s HBO Max series ‘The Flight Attendant’ has been renewed for season 2.

This series is a murder mystery. The lead character is a reckless flight attendant with a troubled past. The alcoholic addiction, childhood trauma, and strained relations add layers to the protagonist. The story hinges on how a murder changes the life of the flight attendant forever.

The series, based on the bestselling book of the same name by Chris Bohjalian, follows alcoholic travel agent Cassie Bowen (Cioco), whose affair with a first-class passenger endangers him.

Original creator Steve Yockey envisioned Flight Attendant as a limited series, but he knew there was more he could accomplish.

Cast: Kaley Cuoco, Michiel Huisman, Zosia Mamet.

In Treatment. Season 4 – 2021

The HBO original series is back in session.

Drama lovers can look forward to the fourth season of this popular series. This story follows a middle-aged psychotherapist and his patients. The patient’s complicated life and problems allow for plenty of drama in the series.

Check Out ‘In Treatment’ Season 4 On HBO MAX, Where Uzo Aduba Is A Therapist Who Gives Advice During Her Own Crisis.

For four years, In Treatment won Emmys for its fairly simple format: A therapist meets with a variety of patients followed by an episode about the therapist’s inner life.

The fourth season of this television series was created ten years after the third season aired. A pandemic has transformed the office of the therapist into Uzo Aduba’s beautiful modern home. Is the formula still valid?

Cast: Uzo Aduba, Anthony Ramos.

A Black Lady Sketch Show- Season 2(2021)

A Black Lady Sketch Show is an American television sketch comedy show created by Robin Thede for HBO.

HBO MAX renews ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ for a third season.

This popular show has come with a second season. These sketches are executed by a key cast of black actors. The characters are potent and funny at the same time. This critically acclaimed show is created by Robin Thede who is also part of the cast.

Season 1: which premiered in August 2019, received three Primetime Emmy nominations. Among the notable achievements are the writing of excellent variety sketches and the directing of a variety series, as well as guest acting in a comedy series (Angela Bassett).

Season 2: which was recently released, Black women are once again central to the cast, encompassing relatable, hilarious stories in a world that defines itself through the creation of an alternative reality.

Cast: Ashley Nicole Black, Gabrielle Dennis, Laci Mosley.

I Hate Suzie. (2020)

I Hate Suzie

Television critics have appreciated this show for its direction, writing, and the lead actor’s performance. This is based on an incident of phone hacking involving an actress Suzie Pickles. The phone-hacking incident leads to her compromising photographs being leaked. This causes her immense trauma.

In this sharply funny drama by Piper and Lucy Prebble, two compromising phone hacks turn Suzie Pickles’ life on its head and call into question her acting career. Each episode is named after a stage of the grief/trauma cycle. Suzie’s separation from the life she once knew manifests itself in a variety of stylistic approaches.

The series takes a close look at her trauma and her efforts to keep her life and family intact.

Cast: Billie Piper, Leila Farzad.

Raised by Wolves (2020)

Raised by Wolves

This series is a treat for sci-fi lovers. The story revolves around two androids who attempt to raise human children on an unknown planet. They embark on this task as a war with a religious order has destroyed earth. But soon they start grappling with the fickle human mind.

Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves Season 2 Adds 6 New Cast Members.

Raised by Wolves received positive reviews and was quickly renewed. This sci-fi show revolved around Mother and Father, two androids who were entrusted with raising the last remnants of humanity on Kepler-22b, with twists and turns galore. It may have connections with Blade Runner and Alien timelines since Scott served as the producer and director for the first two episodes.

Cast: Amanda Collins, Abubakar Salim, Winta McGrath.

Apart from great shows, HBO Max also offers interesting movies to look forward to.



This movie ranks among Christopher Nolan’s most ambitious films. This film traces the eviction of Dunkirk during World War II. The interesting part of the movie is that the story has been told from three different points of view.

This nail-biting thriller gives the audience a chance to experience the thoughts of the brave characters depicted on the screen.

With HBO Max’s Dunkirk, viewers will be reminded that the director can create a movie that can be understood without charts and diagrams and complex equations and constant pauses and rewinds.

Cast: Fionn Whitehead, Tom Hardy, Harry Styles.

Dunkirk. HBO MAX; HBO NOW; iTunes

The Mask of Zorro.

The Mask of Zorro is a 1998 American swashbuckler

This action-packed Classique is a must-watch if you have not watched it already. If you have watched it, it still qualifies for a repeat watch. The film combines fun, action, and adventure.
Watch today on HBO Max.

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Ocean’s Eleven.

Ocean's Eleven - HBO Max

You can watch this movie many times and still enjoy it every time. This comedy film revolves around a heist in a Las Vegas casino. This movie is thrilling without being tense. The thrills are served with a dose of comedy.

Looking for something to watch tonight, Watch on HBO Max

Cast: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt.

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