Hasbula Magomedov, who is also known as Mini Khabib


Videos starring Hasbulla Magomedov have been viewed by millions on almost every social media platform. His videos are even trending on TikTok.

The hashtag #MiniKhabib has been viewed over 62 million times on the platform. It looks like the ‘boy’ is taking over the internet very quickly. Why is he so popular? Do you know Habula Magomedov? What is his age?

Who is Hasbulla aka ‘Mini Khabib?

The 18-year-old is from the city of Mahakala in Russia. According to reports, he is only 1 meter tall (3 feet and 4 inches). His weight is 16 kilograms. Although he is 18 years old, he appears to be around five when you watch his videos. What is his condition?

He is believed to have Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD), also known as dwarfism.

Why is Hasbulla driving too much attention?

I suppose you wonder why this name keeps cropping up everywhere. It has nothing to do with his height. Despite being active on social media for a long time now, he only gained attention in late May. After the news of his fight with Tajik singer Abduroziq (also with similar characteristics), he became an internet sensation.

The video clips of their pre-fight showed Abduroziq threatening Hasbulla: ‘if you lay even a finger on me now, they will take your corpse away.”

Chechen MMA fighter Ashab Tamaev has organized The Fight Of The Century, in which these two are supposed to take on each other.


UFC Reportedly ‘Offers $1.5 Million’ For Fight Between Hasbulla And Abdu Rozi

According to promoter Asxab Tamaev, UFC president Dana White is considering buying an event featuring social media sensations Hasbulla Magomedov and Abdu Rozik for $1.5 million.

At UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi on Saturday night, Hasbulla and Rozik were spotted confronting each other at ringside due to their heated rivalry.

It’s fair to say Hasbulla’s appearance at UFC 267 sparked a media frenzy.

A delighted White posed for a picture with the popular Russian at ringside as his friend Islam Makhachev picked up a win against Dan Hooker.

Ahead of UFC 267, White said he didn’t think Hasbulla would fight in the UFC but claimed the promotion will ‘definitely do something’ with him.

The UFC president is clearly interested in bringing the pair to ‘do something’ with the company.

In fact, days after Saturday’s event in Abu Dhabi, Hasbulla’s promoter Asxab Tamaev has now claimed White is ready to make an offer.

He wrote on Instagram: “Friends, I welcome you. A couple of days ago, we met with Abdu Rozik. He is completely ready for battle.

“But there is more interesting news. Dana is ready to buy an event with Hasbik and Abdu Rozik for $1.5 million. I want to hear your opinion.”

Hasbulla age

How old is hasbulla ? While Hasbulla may seem younger than he actually is, you might be surprised to know that he’s actually 18 years old.

Why is he called “Mini Khabib?”

He is nicknamed “Mini Khabib” because he is from the same city as the UFC star and former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. Despite the common belief that the two are related, the only connection between them is their close friendship.

Hasbulla has been spotted in some videos and photos with the former lightweight champion, who retired from UFC without losing a match. Because of his close relationship with Abduroziq, he entered the boxing world and debuted against him.

Who Is Hasbulla? His Real Age, Net Worth And Disease Explained

Hasbulla’s popularity has reached such heights that not only has Joe Rogan spoken about him on his podcast, but many other top-level stars have called out Hasbulla, including Logan Paul and MMA fighter Rafael Fiziev. Everyone wants Hasbulla’s clout.

Hasbulla Magomedov is a blogger from Dagestan. With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, he’s been posting content since November 2020, and he went viral on TikTok in 2021. Most of his videos are pranks and spoofs about MMA.

Hasbulla may seem younger than he really is, but you may be shocked to learn that he’s 18 years old. Due to his short stature and high-pitched voice, he is believed to have dwarfism. Currently, Hasbulla’s birthday isn’t public information, but he was born in 2003.


Why is Hasbulla famous?

Known for his reenactment of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s iconic UFC weigh-in video, Hasbulla is nicknamed ‘Mini Khabib’ within the MMA community. Since then, the two have formed a friendship and often appear in videos together.

We can confirm that Hasbulla and Khabib are not related, despite their friendship.

What is Hasbulla Magomedov’s net worth?

It has yet to be revealed how much Hasbulla’s net worth is.

Even so, the 18-year-old’s wealth is almost certainly expected to rise significantly with his newfound fame.

In recent skit videos, Hasbulla has been seen demanding millions of dollars in cash for his newly found fame and upcoming fights, so it is clear that he is ambitious to climb the ranks.


What disease does Hasbulla Magomedov have?

Even though it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Hasbulla is believed to have dwarfism.

He has childlike characteristics such as stunted growth and a high-pitched voice because of the genetic disorder.

There are many physical problems associated with dwarfism, including bowed legs and an abnormally curved spine. According to the NHS, the body may not produce enough growth hormone, although genes may also play a role.

Most people with dwarfism are able to lead normal, healthy lives.

What is Hasbulla’s Instagram?

Instagram has been a huge success for Hasbulla in 2021, with over 1 million followers already.

The Opponent

The 17-year-old Abduroziq, Hasbulla’s opponent, is no different. Additionally, he stands around 1 meter tall and carries one kilogram more than Mini Khabib. There are some of his songs on YouTube already. He’s a Tajik singer.

When Abdulroziq was a child, he suffered from Rickets, which affected his growth.

Hasbulla, who suffers from dwarfism, sent a message to Dana White ahead of UFC 267 and met with the UFC president during the event in Abu Dhabi.

“Dana White, I’m coming to UFC Abu Dhabi. See you soon,” he told White in a video message.

White responded: “I’m on the plane. I’m on Etihad, right now, on my way to Abu Dhabi. I cannot wait for our meeting and I cannot wait to see you.”