Get Your Nails Ready for Halloween With These Spooky Designs

Halloween nail designs to get into the spirit. Will you go with a classic jack-o-lantern or something a little more spooky?

It doesn’t matter what you have planned; we have it covered. See our gallery below to see how you can prepare your nails for a holiday! 42 different Halloween nail designs are perfect for any occasion, from ghoulish designs to cute and cuddly critters.

It’s your choice to go for elaborate Halloween nail art that demands attention or something simple like a tiny pumpkin or a monochromatic color scheme.

1. Black Halloween Nails

Cool black halloween nails best black halloween nails

There are many ways to create black nails that are ultra stylish. Women of all ages can wear this color, which will look great on all nail shapes and lengths. Make your manicure expressive by creating a dark, moody look. A gothic finish can be achieved with black and dark red, while monochromatic looks can be achieved with black and white. I love the shiny finish on these ones.

2. Cute Halloween Nails

Dark Cute Halloween Nails

The Halloween theme has so much versatility, whether you want your manicure to be spooky or expressive. Adorable spooky-inspired nail art can be anything that appeals to you. Halloween decorations include friendly ghosts and pumpkins, witches, bats, stars, moons, and skeletons.

3. Simple Halloween Nails

Simple Halloween Red Nail Art

Having the opportunity to transform into whatever you want makes Halloween one of the most exciting times of the year. There is no doubt that this is a fun and expressive day for many people, but not just your costume but also your nails can make a statement. It is easy to find a Halloween nail style that suits your preferences since there are many ways to create them. I love the dancing skeleton design.

4. Cool Halloween Nails

Cool Halloween purple scary face Nails

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for nail art that will stand out and be a conversation starter. You have a lot of flexibility with how you create your Halloween looks, including the colors and artwork you choose. You could create ghost or pumpkin artwork on the tips of the nails to give a unique twist to the French manicure. To emphasize nail art, you may want to paint the rest of your fingernails with a solid or clear base coat.

5. Fun Halloween Nails

Fun Halloween Haunted House Nails

The designs for your manicure should allow you to be creative and think outside the box. You can combine multiple images and colors to express your feelings and thoughts about Halloween. Quotes and artwork that inspire you could be included. You can also use stilettos and coffin nails for nail art since they give you more space.

6. Orange Halloween Nails

Orange Halloween Pumpkin Nail Designs

For Halloween nails, orange is the perfect color. All things spooky and pumpkin-related are associated with it. In addition, orange goes well with any costume you plan to wear. Using a base coat will protect your natural nails so you can create orange Halloween nails. Let it dry completely before painting on a bright orange shade. Using a small nail art brush, add black and orange stripes or orange and black polka dots for added Halloween fun. For added shine and durability, apply a top coat.

7. Sexy Halloween Nails

Sexy Halloween red Blood Nails

You can feel beautiful and sexy with your costume and accessories on Halloween, which is the perfect time to express yourself. There is nothing wrong with simple and understated nails as long as they are colored and shaped attractively. Your hands will look amazing with long nails, which are ultra-feminine and a great way to attract attention.

8. Halloween Nail Art

Spiderweb Halloween Nail Art

There are many ways to incorporate nail art into your favorite horror film, whether you want bright, colorful nails, designs that represent monsters and ghouls, or a combination of the two. There are many Halloween nail art ideas to inspire you, and Halloween nail art is exceptionally versatile. Depending on your preference and the length of your hands, you can experiment with different nail shapes and sizes.

9. Classy Halloween Nails

Classy Pink Halloween Shade Nails

Style and sophistication are the hallmarks of classy nails. Classy is not typically associated with the Halloween theme. Despite this, you can create nail art that is beautiful and versatile, which will therefore be appropriate for different settings, including formal ones. Keep the nail art simple and minimal to achieve the best results.

10. Subtle Minimal Halloween Nails

Subtle Minimal Halloween Corner Web Nails

Overindulgence can be a part of Halloween. There are too many sweets, too much makeup, and too many costumes that have taken weeks or even months to create. You don’t need bold or bright nail art to make a statement, and sometimes the simplest designs are the best. The appeal of subtle, minimal nail art is that it lets you get into the Halloween mood without being too obvious. The spider theme is one of my favorites.

11. Halloween Ghost Nails

Sexy Halloween Little Ghost Nails

Halloween Corner Ghost Nails

Ghost nail art is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit. It is possible to create these little white spirits in a cute or sinister style. The designs can also be created in various sizes and placed at any angle you choose on the nails, making them one of the most straightforward spooky designs to create. There is also a symbolic meaning to ghosts.

12. Pointy Mountain Peak Nails

Pointy Mountain Peak Nails

13. Coffin Halloween Nails

Adorable Coffin Halloween Nails

The shape of coffin nails are defined by their tapered sides and squared tips, which mimic the shape of a coffin. In addition to wearing them long, these rings are also perfect for elongating fingers and can be worn short as well. Use them as nail art and get creative with your Halloween designs.

14. Elegant Halloween Nails

Elegant Halloween Boo Nails

Whether you attend a formal event, this nail art is appropriate for any occasion. Often, elegant nails are created with muted colors, clean lines, and simple details. Halloween is a festive occasion, and incorporating a spooky or Halloween-inspired element into your nails will give them a unique look.

15. Halloween Scream Nails

Halloween Scream Nails

With Halloween right around the corner, what better way to show off your Halloween spirit than with Move theme Scream Nails? These nails feature a black base with orange and white painted on, making them perfect for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating. These Halloween scream nails are sure to add a spooky touch to any Halloween look!

16. Creepy Nails

Creepy Solid Nails

Scares are a big part of Halloween, and it’s a fun way to embrace all things spooky. Turn your fingernails into a witch or monster for a creepy and fun finish. You can create a statement and draw attention to your hands with this look if you have longer nails, giving you more space to get creative. To make the most dramatic effect, you can also experiment with different nail shapes, such as stilettos and coffin nails.

17. Bloody Halloween Nails

Bloody Looking Halloween Nails

Halloween nails with creepy, bloody effects may appeal to fans of slasher and horror movies. Depending on your preference, you can cover the entire nail or just the tips. Additionally, you can use your nails to symbolize your favorite movie genre. With splatters of red on a neutral basecoat, your nail shape will be highlighted and everyone will be talking about them.

18. Skull Halloween Nails

Skull Halloween Nails

If you’re looking for a spooky and edgy manicure to wear during Halloween, skull Halloween nails are a perfect choice. These designs usually feature skull images on the nails, often with added details like crossbones or flames.

19. Black and White Halloween Nails

Black and White Halloween Nails With Animals

The classic pairing of black and white is timeless. You can mix and match everything with the monochromatic color scheme, which is highly versatile and easy to wear. The spooky manicure of your dreams can be simple or detailed, and everyone looks good with black and white nails. The options for nail art range from spiderwebs and ghosts to stars and moons.

20. Halloween Ombre Nails

Halloween Ombre Nails

Combining two or more colors creates the ombre effect. You will have a gorgeous manicure when the colors fade into each other. There is no limit to what color you can choose, and you are free to make your own choice.

Fall colors and orange manicures are perfect for channeling the fall season or creating a vampy look with dark red and black ombres. Over the ombre nail design finish, you can add nail art for a more detailed look

21. Halloween Mummy Nails

Halloween Mummy Mixed Nails

These Halloween mummy nails are a fun and easy way to add Halloween spirit to your manicure. To create Halloween mummy nails, first, paint your nails with a pale flesh tone or white base color. Then, using either nail polish or black acrylic paint, paint on horizontal strips to mimic the wrappings of a mummy. Finish off the look by adding small details like googly eyes or tiny hieroglyphics for an extra spooky touch.

22. Black and Orange Halloween Nails

Black and Orange Halloween Nails

A brilliant contrast is created between orange and black when the colors are combined. As a bonus, black tones down the orange’s vibrancy and makes for a perfect Halloween nail combination.

If you want to create a bold look, you can play with the combinations of black and orange. You can use French tips or color blocking if you want a more blended appearance.

23. Pink and Black Halloween Nails

Pink and Black Halloween Sexy Nails

Make the finish as dramatic as you like by experimenting with different shades of pink. Black and pink are a striking but complementary color combination because the colors contrast while also looking great together. You can combine these shades however you like, from a simple pink base coat to black nail art to trying an ombre effect.

24. Purple Halloween Nails

Purple Scary Halloween Nails

Purple Halloween Ghostly Nails

Purple Halloween Spider and Web Nails

Halloween is the perfect time to wear purple nails. In addition to its elegance and royalty, this color can also create a spooky and ultra-chic manicure effortlessly. Add black cat nail art or a cauldron to your nails for a spooky, witchcraft-inspired look. A moody finish can also be achieved by combining purple with other colors, such as dark reds or black.

25. Purple and Green Halloween Nails

Purple and Green Halloween Nails

To create monster-themed nails like Frankenstein, purple and green are the perfect color combinations. Your look can be as detailed or as simple as you like depending on the patterns and nail art you choose.

Adding glitter or matte nails to your nail art will add a brilliant texture, and you can also experiment with blended effects like ombre. The color purple and the color green look great together and will create a subtle contrast while also feeling balanced.

26. Red and Black Halloween Nails

Red and Black Halloween Nails

Nail art can be expressive and symbolic, including abstract nail art. Red and black are one of the most striking color combinations. The perfect combination for creating sexy, moody nails this Halloween, and you’ll be able to draw attention to your hands with this look.

27. Pastel Halloween Nails

Pastel Shade Halloween Creepy Nails

Even though pastel nails are popular in spring, you shouldn’t let them stop you from wearing them during Halloween. In addition to being versatile and universally flattering, pastel shades offer a soft, muted appearance. Moreover, they are easy to mix and match, allowing you to combine several pastel colors or pair them with neutral hues.

28. Glow in the Dark Nails

Glow in the Dark Nails

Glow in the Dark Green Nails

Glow in the Dark Forest Green Nails

Glow in the Dark Skull Nails

With glow-in-the-dark designs, your nail art will stand out from the crowd. You can use the special polish in several ways to create your own nail art, allowing you to tailor it to suit your preferences. The possibilities are endless, from blood drips to abstract shapes to stars and moons. Before it needs to be exposed to light again, the glow-in-the-dark effect typically lasts for half an hour. To prolong the enjoyment of your manicure, make sure to prevent chips on your nails.

29. Matte Black Halloween Nails

Matte Black Halloween Cute Nails

If you’re looking for a textural finish, matte nails are an excellent choice. Nail art looks great with this polish because it doesn’t have a gloss and is flat and smooth. You can use matte black to complement the Halloween theme with spooky designs or create it for a sophisticated look.

30. Michael Myers Nails

Michael Myers Nails

Michael Myers and Jason Nails Art and Designs

Michael Myers and Freddy Nails

Scary Michael Myers Nails

31. Frankenstein Nail Art

halloween nail art with frankenstein

cute dark green frankenstein nail art

frankenstein nail ideas

32. Cat Halloween Nails

Cat Halloween Nails

Halloween is often associated with cats, particularly black cats. Some people associate them with bad luck and evil, while others see them as symbols of good fortune, mystery, and magic. A black cat can also represent your interest in white magic or magic used for good.

33. Bat Halloween Nails

Cute Tiny Bat Halloween Nails

Adding bat nails to your Halloween manicure is a cute idea. Put different colors together, make it look menacing by adding teeth, or make it look like a bat’s silhouette. If you prefer a minimalistic approach, place a single bat on each fingernail or add multiple bats to each nail. A significant advantage of this option is its versatility, allowing you to find a look that compliments your nail shape and length and suits your preferences.

34. Halloween Spider Nails

Halloween Spider Nails

You can add the spider to your Halloween nail art as one of the best symbols. Depending on how big or small the spider is, you can make it look scary or friendly if you use a cartoon version. In addition to being symbolic, the spider represents balance, wisdom, and mystery and can be a great way to make a statement. Adding spiders to each fingernail is your choice, or you can choose only one.

35. Disney Halloween Nails

Disney Halloween Nails

Spooky elements are found in several Disney films. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, which he created with Walt Disney Studios as part of a development deal, is one of the most celebrated animated films. A skeletal zombie named Jack Skelligton and a sack of bugs called Oogie Boogie are among the film’s memorable characters.

36. Cat and Bats

37. Pumpkin Spice


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38. Dark Red Blood Drips

39. Adorable Moons Nails


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40. Spells and Charms


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41. Abstract Black and White


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42. Blood Stains


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