Great Reasons To Always Try New Things in Life

Ideas For Doing Something New & Different In Your Life
Ideas For Doing Something New & Different In Your Life

Always Try New Things in Life

4 Reasons To Always Try New Things in Life
Especially in COVID-19, we’re living the same lives every day. Nothing new, no spice. But, the internet is our best friend and we have a lot of free time at home to do whatever we want. No, that doesn’t mean Netflix all day, it means we find something productive to become a more skilled, well-rounded person than when we came in.

The best thing to do with all this spare time and great resources like Google is learning new things. You’re at home, probably bored and demotivated. So, here are four advantageous reasons why you should always try new things in life.

It’s Good for Your Brain-health

When you have a job, you’re used to doing the same thing every day. Different tasks activate different areas of your brain. To help keep your friend up there multi-faceted and exploratory, you should try to learn new skills and hobbies that activate other areas of your brain. See, new activities will require new neural pathways to be formed and electrical impulses to travel faster. This, overall, will help you learn faster, become smarter, and more experienced.
Scientifically, practising a new skill also increases the concentration of myelin (white matter in your brain) that improves overall performance in tasks. The increased stimulation helps stave off some brain diseases like dementia.

Create Lifelong Memories

What is life without memories? You can go to work all your life, get that sweet promotion, have people under your command, but on your deathbed, that’s not all you want to remember. You’d rather laugh back on those bizarre experiences and reminisce on those human relationships you developed. When you try new things, you’re likely creating life-long memories because it’s a significant, “first-time” event in your life. Perhaps you learned something new, or you had a ton of fun and met people, or you learned a valuable lesson that you will remember throughout your life. Either way, memories are important.

It Builds Confidence but also Humbles You

You’re used to doing things you’re good at, so you probably feel confident in your day job, whatever it is. But, you’re also comfortable. Too comfortable. When you abruptly try new things, you’re not prepared for the task. So, you have to go with the flow and think on your feet. You might fail miserably, you might do alright, or you might kick ass. Either way, you’ll be proud of getting out of your comfort zone and be more open to taking risks. You did it once and you came out alright, so you can do it again–that’s how you’ll approach new challenges.

Trying new things may make you more comfortable afterwards, but at the moment, you’ll realize you’re not good at everything. You’ll grow an appreciation for the activity and for the people who are experts at it. Instead of being arrogant, it will hit you that there’s still a lot you don’t know and need to work on.

Better Adapt to Change

As you go through the years, you’ll realize that life more often than not, doesn’t go as planned. You’ll meet unexpected hurdles and when you do, you have two options. You can either cry about it and accept defeat, or, if you’re used to taking new risks, you’ll be more willing to adapt to change and overcome the feat.

Become an Inter-disciplinary Genius

No one said you had to learn different things and leave it at that. Part of learning new skills is figuring out ways to apply them in your day-to-day. The new skills you learn will stick with you for a lifetime and you can leverage them for some inter-disciplinary action. Maybe you’re a programmer who also knows graphic design and digital marketing. Now, you can fuse your digital app with proper marketing tools to help it kick off the ground. Go, you!