Ghost caught on camera in Baltimore?

Did ghost catch on camera in Baltimore?

Could This Be The Ghost Of A Little Girl? Spooky Sighting Caught On Cam In Baltimore’s Fell’s Point


  1. Rate for seeing Ghosts in America – 100%

    Anywhere else in the world: non existent.

    Also no where in the world: haven't seen aliens anywhere

    Americans: seen UFOs… Got abducted… Got aliens in the labs… Have footage of aliens but the quality is 144p sorry…

  2. Yeah well there isn't a place on this earth that isn't 'haunted'. It's much easier to hear them than to see them. And that means there's ghosts which are just spirits which are just entities which are just demons where you live. It doesn't matter where you live either. And there's LOTS of them. No lie. You can live in a brand spanking new house on land that never saw tragedy in the past. It doesn't matter. "They" are still there. Don't believe me? At home, make sure it's really quiet -no noise at all and don't talk. Record from your smart phone with audio. A half minute to minute is all that's needed. Play it back later with zero noise distraction in the background. Turn the sound all the way up on your headphones. If you have better than average hearing, you will hear 'them'. Then you will have wished …you hadn't. They're stuck with us and we are stuck with them. But just for now Thank God. Oh and don't try to conjure them up with Ouija boards and the like. That only intensifies their ability to well, try and scare the living fuck out of you. They actually want to destroy your very soul. If they do scare you, after you tell them they're going to hell and lost their little war over goodness already, simply ignore them. It makes their antics lessen for at least a while. Like I said, we're stuck with each other for now.

  3. Cool. They should audio tape from their phones and see if they can catch any evps. But only the good evps which are residual. Not the only other kind of evps, the crappy demons. They suck. And they really shouldn't be kind to the entities there either. Most of them are demons too.