Ghost Caught on Camera | extraktLAB Incident Report

extraktLAB Incident Report: 10/23/2020

On Friday, October 23 at roughly 4:20 p.m., An unexplained occurrence was caught on tape inside the extraktLAB distillation room. It is still uncertain exactly what happened. Some of the employees claim that the incident was paranormal in nature. Others blame the occurrence simply on human error.

An extraktLAB employee was tending to one of the rotary evaporators when a jar of full-spectrum distillate appeared to have fallen off a table in the center of the room. Upon noticing that the jar of distillate had fallen and broken, the employee left the distillation room to tell extraktLAB CEO, Dr. Jon Thompson, to explain what he claimed had to be, “a ghost.” Dr. Jon was not amused and dismissed the employee.

After the said employee was dismissed, another employee arrives on the video to clean the spilled distillate. As seen in the video, another jar of distillate appears to move on its own towards the end of the table much like the first. The employee seems to notice the jar has moved and carefully places it back with the other jars. Fortunately, no other product was lost during this event.

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Once a formal investigation was opened, the employee involved claimed he was nowhere near the jar when it fell and that it was humanly impossible for him to knock the jar of distillate off the table. Dr. Jon believes otherwise. The incident is still under investigation.


  1. FAKE! Not even remotely genuine. You can tell by the ridiculous amount of hand and arm gestures. No-one remonstrates like that! It's comical at best, but probably more accurate to say it's a childish attempt at acting. This is like a scene out of a slap stick movie from the 1920's before the invention of sound, when exaggerated gestures were required to help sell a scene. Pathetic!

  2. I don’t think it’s fake only because it’s happened to me … my mom’s house is hunted & through out my life unbelievable Shit has happened
    The last day l sept there l was 19 years old l was on my bed 🛌 & all of a sudden the end of the bed started jumping up & down so hard that l few off hitting the floor l never been so scared in all my life it was if someone was holding the brass bars of my bed & pulling em up & down but l couldn’t see nothing!! I ran outta there so fast 💨 l never went back in that room ever again. My brother had to get my things out & l moved out. My mom still lives there … l hate visiting her there l could only stay for so long.. don’t know how she could live there all these years since 1976 She says it’s not that bad anymore. A neighbor told my dad that a man had died in our house before we moved in which explains a lot.