Get A Pancake Pizza From IHOP For National Pizza Day

Get A Pancake Pizza From IHOP For National Pizza Day


For today, February 9th, IHOP is celebrating National Pizza Day by delivering pancake-pizzas to your house. If you want to celebrate the special day a different way, then this deal could be the right choice for you. After all, pizza is a broad concept that can be applied to any food.

Big pizza names like Domino’s and Papa John’s celebrate the day by offering some good deals for their pies. Whether it’s a free toppings or discounts, pizza stores are enticing more people to buy their pizzas on this special day. Although we don’t really need more excuses to eat more pizza, the holiday dedicated to the pie is a good reason to skip cooking and order food instead. IHOP took advantage of the day of pizza-craze to show off a product of their own.

The “pancizza” is sold in three flavours and will only be available today. The pizzas are available in Original Buttermilk, Bacon and Cheddar, and Cupcake. Each pancake is pizza-sized, served in slices, and comes in a pizza box. IHOP in New York City will take over Bleecker Street Pizza from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. today. Elsewhere in the country, DoorDash is offering an exclusive delivery of the pancizzas for $4.99 each. For IHOP fans who live outside of the US, the company is offering a limited-edition pancizza t-shirt at their shop.

In promotion of the event, IHOP released a video showcasing the pancizza in all its glory. They’re not really reinventions of the pizza, but more a funny celebration of the concept of pizza delivery. When we are lazy to cook or want food late at night, we usually think of pizza as the automatic choice. IHOP has played with the concept and shown that maybe the box, the slices, and the delivery is what’’s most iconic about the pizza—not necessarily the pie itself.

IHOP has their motivations to show that the pizza could be a pizza, but traditional pizza will always remain near and dear to the hearts of people across the world. Whether it’s a cheap, greasy pizza or a high-end, artisanal pizza, we all love a good slice. This National Pizza Day, no matter what kind of pizza you choose to eat, it’s definitely worth celebrating.