Ernest Khalimov: The Real Face of the Gigachad Meme

The only Ernest Khalimov, the ultimate man, is a Chad or a Gigachad. Ernest can be said to be the Gigachad of all Gigachads.

Who’s a Gigachad?

In terms of physical attractiveness, GIGACHAD scores a 10 out of 10 and is in the top 0.1% of men.

99.9% of men around the world feel intimidated by Gigachad’s physique. Not even the Chads can compete.

A gigachad’s facial aesthetics and symmetry are unparalleled. Women react to Gigchads like moths react to lamps.

Gigachad’s female equivalent is Gigastacy.

Ernest Khalimov: The Real Face of the Gigachad

Mythical Aspects of Gigachad Ernest Khalimov

As a result of the mythical aspects of GigaChad, no videos of Khalimov have been found, and he is not active on the Internet and hasn’t shown any interest in brand deals.

While the rumors persist, Khalimov is undoubtedly living an interesting life if he’s even half as active as the rumors suggest. Find him here on Instagram.

Khalimov’s lack of Wikipedia page has fueled even more speculation, and rumors continue to circulate, despite the lack of concrete evidence to support them or confirm that he exists.

As far as anyone has been able to identify the Russian model’s origins, his birth date can be traced back to March 1st, 1969 in Moscow.

There is no birth certificate or any other official documents to prove any of this, but according to those who value such things, his sun sign is Pisces. Additionally, there is no information about his height or weight, although rumors indicate that he is from Turkey or one of the surrounding countries or ethnic groups.

Ernest Khalimov: The Real Face of the Gigachad

Gigachad Ernest, the ultimate

Most people will associate Gigachad with Ernest if you mention it. He is not so well known beyond his name, however. He is more famous for his meme than for himself.

Although most people associate Ernest Khalimov with Turkish heritage, he lives in Russia. Some people believe he’s from Azerbaijan as well.

Is GigaChad a Real Person?

The discussion surrounding Ernest’s memes has been going on since the photo of his perfect physique appeared three years ago.

A lot of people are wondering how he could have such a perfect body.

Despite his size, he’s arguably the manliest among men, say some. However, is he really as manly as he is portrayed on social media?

Ernest’s images may appear to be photoshopped to exaggerate his physique, but you’re about to change your mind.

He is a model for the ‘Sleek and tears’ company.

Gigachad model Ernest Khalimov can be seen on Krista Sudmalis’ Sleek and Tears Instagram page.

Photographer Krista takes pictures of bodybuilders, and Ernest appears in some of these photos.

All of these pictures are also tagged in his original Instagram account.

Why is he not popular besides his memes?

When someone has such a physique, it is only normal to expect him to be popular, especially when his memes have already made him famous.

However, Ernest remains unknown. How come?

Ernest isn’t interested in any marketing, according to the video on Youtube. No one has contacted him with a marketing idea, and he maintains a low profile. Despite having a manager, he does not appear interested in getting paid to do marketing.

Ernest Khalimov: The Real Face of the Gigachad

Is Gigachad Real?

He has raised more doubts by declining sponsorship because he fails to cooperate with anyone. Krista Sudmalis has found yet more reasons to believe that the GigaChad is just her artwork.

Further, the fact that there is no video of him and only images raises more questions. There is little evidence to support Ernest’s existence. Many, however, think the Chad of all Chads is just a person’s perfect imagination.


  • There were several questionable news sites that reported Giga Chad was in a car accident on April 26/27.
  • According to his official berlin.1969 Instagram profile and to Sleek and Tears Instagram (the account that made him famous), we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.
  • According to the latest rumors, he died in a car crash, but shockingly, this was not true. Though Khalimov continues to maintain he “doesn’t cooperate with anyone” and isn’t really sociable, a death hoax is still a solid way to stay in the public eye online.
  • He posted the image on his Instagram account on May 20. You can see him without any photoshop, confirming that there was no accident.

Ernest Khalimov: The Real Face of the Gigachad

How tall is the GigaChad?

Physical Stats
Ernest Khalimov Height (approx.) in centimeters – 203 cm in meters – 2.03 m in Feet Inches – 6’8″
Dress Size N/A
Shoe Size N/A
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black

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