Easy way or hard way?

Easy way or hard way?


  1. Making sure you take and develop houses should be priority one every time, grabbing Red and Orange real estate as you go.

    Buy railroads as you land on them only because someone will trade something typically worth much more for it, like land cards you need to start developing houses!

    If no more green house tokens exist, no more hotels will go up, monopolizing the housing market is where the killing power lies.

  2. I think it woulda been better is the 4th frame came before the 3rd frame. No hate, just feedback 😊

  3. Great, now I have a Steps song in my head!

    “5,6,7,8, My boot scootin baby, is driving me crazy, my obsession from a western…”

  4. The railroads suck. Best strategy is to buy all the crack house properties and get hotels on them as soon as possible.