Dramacool: What Is It and Is It Legit, Safe, and Legal?

Those who enjoy Asian dramas should visit Dramacool. Watching Asian dramas on Dramacool is the best entertainment site.


As a result of a global pandemic, people are restricted to their homes, meaning if someone wants to view the latest movies they must subscribe to an OTT platform and wait for the movie to be available.

Thus, cinemas and theatres are now things of the past. As everyone is confined to their homes, they are more likely to be at home and consume more content because they cannot leave their homes.

Among these online platforms, we will discuss today one that can be used for free to watch global content (mostly Korean movies) and whether using it is safe.

Let me introduce you to Dramacool. Exactly how does Dramacool operate? Then let’s discuss its safety.

Dramacool Movie

Dramacool has been questioned so much about its legitimacy. The legitimacy, legality, and safety of it are undecided by many people. Let’s start with a definition.

On this platform, you’ll be able to watch a wide variety of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dramas. English subtitles are included as well. The subtitles are provided because Dramacool caters to a wider audience outside Asia.

Dramacool Legitimacy

Dramacool has been the subject of a lot of gossip recently regarding its safety. As this website does not promote any inappropriate advertising, We have established that it is safe for all age groups to use.

There are no fees associated with Dramacool. This platform allows you to watch Asian dramas for free. According to several reports, the big website has been earning huge profits through pop-up ads.

Dramacool likes to keep its user interface neatly with popup ads instead of most drama sites. Most of the ads on Dramacool are not annoying. In my honest opinion, Dramacool streaming speed is relatively quite fast.

Is Dramacool really legal?

However, the main question is whether Dramacool is legal in different countries.

What is your experience with Dramacool? If you have, then you know the domain name. Dramacool, however, keeps changing its web address, making it appear suspicious. Why do they act anonymously?


Sued for Copyright Infringement

There are reports that Dramacool lets users watch movies illegally. The site has since been blocked in some countries because it violates their laws. A copyright infringement lawsuit was filed against Dramacool and KissAsian in 2016.

Dramacool, KissAsian, Dramanice, DramaFire, and Dramago are reported to be illegal by Invisible Asia. Pirate sites do not have our endorsement. Your data is safe with legal sites. If Dramacool is legal in your country, you can continue to use it.

Other Legal Alternatives to Dramacool

Dramacool’s other counterparts are available if you are not satisfied with Dramacool due to its legal issues. A number of free legal streaming sites for Asian dramas have been found.

Here are a few Alternatives to Dramacool

Viki (free)

You can access Viki in most regions. In the market for Chinese dramas, this site is the most popular among all legal Asian drama sites. The video quality is superior to that of Youtube.

You Tube

If the quality of Youtube’s content were better than Viki’s, it would have ranked first on this list. Ads can be skipped after three seconds.


Before using this site, check to see if it is only available in Asia. This site offers a selection of both old and new Chinese dramas.


Safely browsing Dramacool

Step 1: Do not click on advertisements- We say this as most of the advertisements on these sites claim that you are the winner of a lottery or a grand prize.

By clicking on the same, you will be taken to another site, where you will need to enter your password for your bank ID. We say never and we mean never do so, considering that it’s a con man asking you to do so, to steal your money. Avoid these ads at all costs.

Step 2: Consider using an anti-virus – Some ads are not scams, but rather come with viruses and other malicious software designed to steal your data. Effortless, but effective.

It is advisable to purchase a paid antivirus plan if you frequently visit sites such as Dramacool and other piracy websites that display such ads, as free antivirus plans are of no use.

As soon as you purchase an antivirus, it will detect and eliminate any Trojan horse or virus, protecting you from a potential data breach.

In summary, Dramacool is safe to some extent, but there are hidden threats you might not be aware of. Fortunately, we have discussed some ways you can protect yourself from these evils, so if you are careful, you should be okay.

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