The Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentinos: Are they dangerous dogs?

The Dogo Argentino is sometimes called the Argentinian Mastiff or the Argentine Dogo.

As with any dog breed, the Dogo Argentino can be either a man’s best friend or a dangerous one. Although they were bred to get along with humans, they were also bred to hunt, and they did quite well at it. In many countries, their popularity as a fighting dog and aggressive line lead to their banning.

Its name is Dogo Argentino.

There are several breeds of Dogo Argentino, but the largest is about 24 to 26 inches tall and weighs between 80 and 100 pounds. Male Dogo Argentinos are usually larger than females. These dogs have large heads and extremely well-developed muscles. Mastiffs of the Argentinian mastiff breed were bred to hunt and attack dangerous prey, including pumas, a wild cat native to Argentine.

A Dogo Argentino has a completely white short coat, which makes it easily identifiable. The ears are often cropped so that they stand up, giving the breed a ferocious image. Some have small, dark markings around their eyes. It is necessary to bathe them occasionally for grooming, but regular brushing results in a healthy coat and stronger bonding with owners.

The Dogo Argentino

Argentine Dogos: What Made Them Special?

A doctor who had a great passion for dogs, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, developed the breed. It was a fighting dog he brought from Cordoba that he crossed with several different purebreds.

Dr. Nores Martinez used the Dogo Argentino originally as a fighting dog, but he also took one with him on hunting trips. He proved able to survive on the rugged terrain of Argentina and was brave, taking down animals from peccaries to wild boars.

How Aggressive Are Dogo Argentino Dogs?

One of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world, the Dogo Argentino is rated number one. Since its inception, this breed has been bred from fighting dogs and has been used in competitions for generations.
As a result of Dogo Argentinos’ aggressive nature, they have been banned in numerous countries, including:
• United Kingdom
• Iceland
• New Zealand
• Ukraine
• Denmark
• Israel

Dogs like this were never bred to attack people, but aggression has been documented in some cases. They were instead bred to be friendly to people. Therefore, aggressive dogs are not recommended to be breed.

In addition to aggression towards strangers, Dogo Argentinos are sometimes aggressive with their owners. Dogo Argentino owners have been attacked and killed by their own breeding dogs on at least one occasion. Argentine Dogos are known for killing humans multiple times, but other large breeds have also taken human lives.

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Dogo Argentino Health

Some health issues are associated with the Dogo Argentino. Deafness is a major concern, with approximately 10% of dogs in the breed being deaf in one or both ears. The deafness is called pigment-related deafness, and it is also present in Dalmatians, Boxers, and Bull Terriers.

In addition to hypothyroidism and glaucoma, this breed may also develop laryngeal paralysis. Hip dysplasia may also affect Dogo Argentinos, which is common among large breeds.

The Dogo Argentino

Safety and the Dogo Argentino

Although Dogo Argentinos have had aggression cases towards “their humans,” most of these dogs get along well with their families. You should train them to interact with kids at a young age. Otherwise, they may be more aggressive. Traditionally they have been trusted to protect their families and homes. They tend not to accept strangers, so it is important to introduce new people cautiously.

A Dogo Argentino may be okay with other dogs, but he or she was bred to fight so that they may be increasingly aggressive toward other dogs. In addition, they have been bred to work alongside other dogs when hunting, so they tend to be okay around other dogs.

The percentage of deaf dogs is around 10 percent, commonly found in many white dog breeds. This makes them more unpredictable and more prone to startle. If you are considering getting a Dogo Argentino, you should strongly consider having their hearing tested.

Does Dogo Argentinos make a good first dog?

An experienced dog handler should only purchase a Dogo Argentino if it is a first-time dog. Argentino Dogos have been associated with aggression even in those cases. For owners who purchase a Dogo Argentino, training and basic obedience must be taught by a trainer or handler. Dogo Argentino training should involve the entire family for the dog to respect each individual.

Many people can’t readily provide an outlet for their energy if they live in small apartments or homes. They don’t usually enjoy lying around on the couch all day. Dogo Argentinos require lots of exercises. The importance of physical activity should never be underestimated. Exercise suggestions include playing outside with ball games or retrieving discs.

Dogo Argentinos requires a lot of stamina, so they are not for those with weak hearts. This breed needs lots of love and extensive training, especially as they are prone to aggressive behaviour. It is not easy to find these dogs everywhere. They are not common, but those who own them are well rewarded.

The Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino