Doctor Reacts to Celebrity Plastic Surgery Fails – Dr. Anthony Youn

Sometimes even celebrities don’t make the smartest decisions when it comes to plastic surgery. Illegal filler injections? Botched eyelifts? I’ll go over who had what done, and why it was a mistake!

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  1. If this guy was my science teacher back in school, I would not have the audacity to disrespect him. He deserves all the respect he gets

  2. Well I suppose if getting dodgy procedures can basically cause your face to rot away that's one way to not have wrinkles. Personally, I'd take the wrinkles any day

  3. As a kid growing up hearing the term "strip mall" in tv, movies, the net etc. I was really confused, imagining it as some kind of combination of a high street shopping area with strippers (the term is not used in any of the countries I have lived in)

  4. My mother had plastic surgery a few years ago on her eyelid. Shad never considered it before, but it was more for vision issues than cosmetic as it blocked a good portion of her range of vision. Basically, it drooped so badly that the eyelid skin was flopping down over her eye at the far edge. Would this make me more vulnerable to the same thing when I get older? I don't have any signs of it now, but that's because I'm young. If I am more at risk is there anything I can do to reduce the chance of it happening?

  5. Celebs with awful plastic surgery denying that they have had any work done is like me insisting I can help carry the chairs and bags despite barely being able to walk a few meters lol what, hobbling? Where? I'm walking perfectly! One foot is meant to scissor in front of the other and drag on the floor!

  6. huh.. good to know I have a new option to add to me "get me the hell outta here" arsenal. I suppose I could sell all my stuff to afford it. It's not like i'll need that stuff anymore. I wonder if some of the celebs that have taken it way too far are just trying to kill themselves in the most celeb and expensive way possible, but just keep surviving.
    Side note: I'm not suicidal. If you are actually struggling please, please get help. It honestly can help (this is from someone who tried for years without it helping, but did eventually find the right therapist and treatment, as well as the right life changes). If a loved one mentions suicide please take it seriously and check very carefully <3

  7. Why do people who are rich insist on going to a dodgy practitioner to save money they do not need to save?! You're risking your health and life!

  8. To be fair, Cardi B prob did those silicon butt injections when she was a stripper and before she made it big as a rapper.