Signs You're Ready to Move In Together

Do These 4 Things Before Moving In Together

Moving in with your significant other is a massive relationship milestone. You’ve decided that your relationship is strong enough to withstand seeing each other every single day in your most intimate environment. You’re putting all your weird home habits on display and confirming that, yes, you’re in this relationship for the long term.

Before you take the leap and sign the lease, there are some things you need to do. So before you move in with your significant other, make sure you do these things.

Signs You're Ready to Move In Together

Spend several consecutive nights together multiple times

Spending the night at an SO’s house is much different from living with them. If you’re planning to live together, you need to spend multiple nights in a row together.

Anyone can be on their best behaviour for one night, but after a few, your true colours will shine through. Can you handle her messiness or his gross shower habits? The time to find out about these things is before making the commitment, not after you move in.

Get on the same page about your future

Are you planning to get engaged? Do you have strong feelings for or against having kids? Even if you aren’t positive about what you want, make sure you’re unsure in the same way. Moving in together signifies a strong commitment to this relationship, and you don’t want to take this step and then realize you’re not right for each other.

Discuss how your finances will look

Are you going to combine finances or keep them separated? Are you going to split rent 50/50 or base it on income? Discuss these things before you sign anything. A lease is a legally binding document, and you will be on the hook for your rent whether or not you two can agree on how to pay.

Signs You're Ready to Move In Together

Do some self-reflection

Moving in together is huge, no matter how casual you feel about it. Take some time to check in with yourself about how you feel. Are you excited? Nervous? Secretly mourning the loss of your previous situation? Be honest with yourself and know that nerves or a little sadness do not necessarily mean you are making a bad decision by moving in together.

There are always going to be bumps in the road when it comes to moving in with your significant other. But if you do these four things, you’ll be able to go in more prepared and ready for anything this transition tosses your way!