Diverse murals is a hallmark of Denver Airport art
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The Murals Of The Denver Airport That Have An Unearthly Feeling

Art In The Denver International Airport

Background Information on Denver International Airport.

Diverse murals are a hallmark of Denver Airport art. The work displayed in this place is a combination of many different artistic styles.

To understand how these theories come to life, I will tell you more about how they are generated. The DIA conspiracy theories are quite plausible, and there is some basis to them.

Denver already had a well-functional airport when Stapleton International Airport was built. That’s one reason why so many theories have been thrown around. Denver built an unnecessary airport because residents had been unhappy with the noise and traffic congestion. Politicians always want to build the biggest, best, newest airport.

In addition to the airport being unnecessary, which lays the foundation for some of these wild theories, the airport was also completed two years behind schedule (for some strange reason, many contractors were terminated during construction) and grossly over the budget end construction.

Some researchers suspect that switching contractors so many times made it impossible for anyone to comprehend the project’s true scope, which had many underground levels and tunnels. It is also outrageous that a 1.5 billion project has ended up costing 5.6 billion dollars just because it was planned to cost only 1.5 billion.

This brings us to Tanguma’s murals. These are two oddly out-of-place pieces that many believe provide insight into the true history of the airport or offer clues regarding the original purpose of the buildings and surrounding land.

See what murals are displayed at the Denver airport.

This post will attempt to present some art pieces from this airport, with detailed information about where each is located. The murals in Denver Colorado Airport can easily be found.

1. In Peace and Harmony with Nature

In Peace and Harmony with Nature


In Peace and Harmony with Nature

In Peace and Harmony with Nature

In Peace and Harmony with Nature

Titled “In Peace and Harmony with Nature,” this mural by Leo Tanguma.

Travellers often wonder why a graphic work like this adorns a freight elevator next to baggage claim, raising eyebrows over the years. Several onlookers have been offended, while others have claimed the piece is part of the Illuminati conspiracy theory surrounding Denver International Airport.

Tanguma’s first mural depicts a horrifying scene with brightly coloured trees burning in the background, animals in cages, a girl lying in a coffin, and crying youths fleeing the scene. Definitely some dark and creepy material here. The second part of the mural features children and animals gathered around a futuristic plant.

People believe that this famous work goes beyond the obvious theme of environmental destruction and environmental healing.

The first section of the mural displays a Quetzal bird as the central figure, which can be interpreted as an allegory for extinction. There is a conspiracy surrounding the airport that a mass extinction is imminent and DIA was built as a safe haven for those selected to survive the new world. Similar to the children gathered around the plant on the other side of the mural, it can also be interpreted as a symbol of the government that will come into effect once the extinction event is over.

In Peace and Harmony with Nature after mural.

In Peace and Harmony with Nature after mural.

Children of the World Dream of Peace

Children of the World Dream of Peace

Children of the World Dream of Peace 8

Children of the World Dream of Peace

Children of the World Dream of Peace

Children of the World Dream of Peace

As the mural begins, a masked soldier wields a gun and sword and wreaks havoc. Besides the refugees trudging away from him, a hidden child holding a bear, a dead child in someone’s arms, and destruction everywhere, there are also caravans of refugees walking. There are many young people celebrating in the second section of the mural while beneath them is the same dead soldier. Doves rest on his body and his sword is being disassembled by a kid with a hammer.

It is clear from this mural that it is a war vs. peace piece, but there are also some alternate questions that arise about what it truly represents. The imagery here clearly recalls themes of genocide, death, and destruction, which is in line with the other mural’s idea of an extinction event that is about to occur.

These two murals tell stories, yet if we told those same stories in reverse order, the messages would be shockingly different. Our society appeared to be one with nature in Peace and Harmony with Nature, but only recently did we begin to stray from being environmentally friendly.

Children of the World Dream of Peace shows that, through its reversal, society has overcome a great evil that was previously prevalent. In contrast, the second section demonstrates that evil is returning to society and could end it.

Denver International Airport is the subject of some seriously wild and crazy theories. Nevertheless, some are well aided by government inefficiencies and the interesting art that was commissioned to decorate the buildings. Looking at the murals and paintings there, you may be surprised to discover why there’re so many conspiracy theories.

What Other murals can you see at the Denver airport?

Blucifer – Denver airport art




Everyone who comes to Denver International Airport can see Blucifer, which is a piece of art on exhibit here. The sculpture depicts a large horse with a blue tint. Approximately 32 feet is the height of the whole structure. All visitors to Denver International Airport are able to see the sculpture on Pena Boulevard.

Notre Denver – Denver airport art

Notre Denver.

Notre Denver. Notre Denver.

Another sculpture you can find at Denver International Airport can be seen here. Bronze gargoyles adorn the scene. The sculptures are located in the Jeppesen terminal and appear rather disturbing. Terry Allen designed these unique gargoyles.

Kinetic Air Light Curtain – Denver airport art

Kinetic Air Light Curtain Kinetic Air Light Curtain

The JEPASSEN terminal’s tunnel was hung with 5280 propellers, which formed the installation. Light and wind activate the propellers as the train passes.

La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra.

La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra La Memoria de Nuestra Tierra

Denver International Airport features a mural depicting the history of people who once inhabited this land. The mural also depicts the Mexican emigrants who fled to Colorado prior to the revolution that destroyed their country. The Jeppesen terminal features a mural featuring the work of Judith Baca on the fifth level.

Mile High and Rising – Denver airport murals

Mile High and Rising denver Mile High and Rising denver Mile High and Rising denver

There is a mural depicting the Afro-American pioneers of the past on the fifth level of Jeppesen Terminal. In the painting, we see a historical figure associated with Colorado.

America Why I Love Her – Denver airport murals

America Why I Love Her. America Why I Love Her.

America Why I Love Her.

This is one of the airport’s most interesting murals. In this map, you can see the outline of every state in the United States. Everywhere you look, you will see postcards and photos showing the most important monuments in a particular state. Gary Sweeney created this work of art, which is located on level five of the Jeppesen Terminal.

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