Dammit! Mommy’s here! RUN!

Dammit! Mommy’s here! RUN!

Dammit! Mommy’s here! RUN! from funny


  1. It was unbelievable how early on my kids started being obviously sneaky and disobedient. that guilty “jump” is the most telling thing in the world. Little stinkers.

  2. Plot twist he was, just going to clean up the kitchen and surprise his mom. A pre Mother^^, s Day gift ruined ironically by his, mother.

  3. These types of “walkers” are terrible for a child’s muscle development, should not be used for babies. German, British, US studies have all come to these conclusions.


  4. Wow… That guilty sneak thief… He’s lucky he’s cute otherwise that’s a dime in the stuffed animal pen.

  5. My kids don’t do this. They ignore the fact that I said anything and keep doing it or my daughter will just say what are you doing? back to me. Little shit