Cutting your grass for the 1000th time

Cutting your grass for the 1000th time


  1. I don’t wish to be rude about your lawn, but you could probably cut down the frequency of your mowing

  2. lol this takes me back to my 60s childhood. I think spraypainting things gold was kind of a decorating fad back then.

  3. You would have to cut your grass once a week, year round, for a little over 19 years to get this skin.

  4. You need to aerate my friend!. Mechanical or liquid, either is fine. A good shot of strong pre emergent, likely 2 shots, will eradicate those nasty resistant spring weeds. Then it’s seed or sod time. Water in your applications for best results.

    Nice hog. She burn oil?

  5. Ahhhh, the Black and Decker electric. Mine is going on 13 years…but this could be the last season.

  6. Everyone hating on the patchy grass, I’d love if my grass were that thin. Lawns are bullshit wastes of effort. I look forward to the day I can fence my yard in and cover it with woodchips, murdering every annoying blade of grass on my property. Fuck lawns.

  7. It’s real life harvest moon. By the time you’re 35 you should have the golden lawnmower, dish sponge, broom, and casserole dish. And the diamond rent bill.