Chick-fil-A – 10 Things You Didn’t Know Before

Ever wonder where the “A” in Chic-fil-A comes from? Or why all Chick-fil-A’s are closed on Sundays? Well, we have the answer. Stick with us and learn 10 things you didn’t know before about Chick-fil-A.

The “A” in Chick-fil-A stands for grade A.

You might think that Chick-fil-A is just a special way of saying “Chick Fillet”, but such is not the case. When creating the chicken sandwich, only the best cut of meat was to be used. So to create the name of the franchise, Chicken was shortened to Chick, and “A” was used to signify the use of only the best quality foods.

Chick-fil-A is one of the largest American fast food restaurant chains and the largest whose specialty is chicken sandwiches.

You won’t find a Chick-fil-A opened on Sundays

Founder of Chick-fil-A, Truett Cathy, worked in several 24/hour per day restaurants himself before opening his own restaurant. But in doing so, he learned to value the importance of time off. For this reason, he gives all of his staff a day to rest. And this is why you will never see a Chick-fil-A open on Sundays!

Chick-fil-A is in every state – Almost

Yep. No matter where you go, you can fulfill your Chick-fil-A craving. That is unless you go to Alaska, Vermont, or Hawaii. These are the only three states where Chick-fil-A has not made a debut.

New restaurant opening? You can get free food!

If you’re willing to wait in line and camp out for days on end, you could receive free food from new Chick-fil-A locations. Anytime Chick-fil-A opens a new location, they give free food to the first 100 customers. But it’s not just free food for a day – it’s free food for a year! So the campout may just be worth it.

Opening a new Chick-fil-A is cheap, but it’s not easy

Opening a new Chick-fil-A is cheap – super cheap. In fact, it only costs around $10 000 to open a new location. But despite the fact that it’s cheap, it’s not easy. If you want to open a new location, you’ll have to apply, and you’re competing against over 20, 000 people per year. Out of these 20,000 applications, only 1 percent are selected to be franchisees.

You’ll never learn the secret recipe

Want to know the secret recipe for Chick-fil-A’s famous chicken sandwiches? Well, too bad! You will never know. The recipe is locked in a vault at headquarters in Atlanta for no one’s eyes to see.

We do know the recipe for Chick-fil-A sauce

While we may never know the secrets behind the famous chicken sandwiches, we do know the secret behind Chick-fil-A’s sauce. The secret is really no secret at all, it’s simply a combination of mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, mustard, and honey.

It’s one of the most profitable franchises to own.

Think Mcdonald’s is one of the most profitable restaurants to own? Think again! While a single Mcdonald’s makes an average of $2.6 million per year, a single Chick-fil-A makes an average of $4 million.

Chick-Fil-A makes its own pickles

That’s right – Chick-Fil-A doesn’t use just any old pickles, they make their own and they make them on site. Each pickle is made by cutting cucumbers and soaking them in brine for 3 days. Yum!

Chick-Fil-A is the largest purchaser of Sunkist lemons

Chick-Fil-A sells a lot of lemonade. So much so that it has become the largest buyer of Sunkist lemons around the world. In fact, in order to keep up with the demand in lemonade, Chick-Fil-A uses over 300 million lemons per year.

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