Celebrity Live TV Interviews Gone Wrong

Celebrity Live TV Interviews Gone Wrong!

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  1. Lol the Sam Jackson one, whoever off-camera said "he thought you were Bob dylan" deserves a raise

  2. Cara didn't seem irritated to me. She seemed casual. In a "mood"?
    It would be funny if they saw what a mood really looks like hehe. They'd be scared.

  3. The way they both read Ryan Lochte to his FAAACE – Philly this is y'all people lol

  4. JB was definitely on something, but that reporter clearly has never actually listened to "This Is A Man's World"…

  5. Whoever that lady was interviewing James Brown she was a legend and Bill Hader and Kristen Wigg were so adorable in that interview xD

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  8. I always thought Lawrence fishburne and samuel l Jackson had some similarities.

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  10. The Samuel L Jackson interview was hysterical. Jackson wasn’t going to let him off the hook, and he shouldn’t have.

  11. “Bee movie op—”
    “Bee movie op—”
    “Bee movie ope—”
    “Bee movie opens…”

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