Celebrities Who Got Flour Bombed

Celebrities Who Got Flour Bombed


  1. Heinous crime. Lmao, it's flour on millionares, sure it's rude and some type of assault, but it's flour, grow up.

  2. Yeah idrc about celebrities especially stuck up ones not gonna say names but u guys can figure it out

  3. To be fair, the french presidential candidate kinda deserved it, since he doesn't want to rendre l'argent 👀💸💸

  4. I was gonna make a joke about putting the flour in a water balloon and making it into an actual bomb but I forgot the joke

  5. Why does this make me smile??? Just watching them get flour bombed makes flat out grin.

  6. They really hated that last guy i just seen flour get thrown 3 times in a row 😅😂😂

  7. The best way to react to being flour bombed:

    Smile and laugh. What are they gonna do if you take it as something playful and act like you don't really care?