Burger King Is Trolling McDonald’s For Losing Its Big Mac Trademark

Burger King Is Trolling McDonald's For Losing Its Big Mac Trademark In The Best Way


McDonald’s lost its exclusive rights to the Big Mac name in the EU recently, and Burger King is now trolling them in a very special way.

While there are a number of fast-food chains that are famous around the world, one has stood head and shoulders above the rest for a while now. That one is McDonald’s. The burger joint’s golden arches are instantly recognizable no matter where you go on the planet, and the likes of KFC, Burger King, and Wendy’s are merely fighting for second place.

That truth means whenever McDonald’s is dealt any sort of blow it is cause for celebration for the chasing pack. That happened to the worldwide chain’s European sector recently, but it wasn’t one of the heavy-hitting rivals that earned itself a knockout. Rather a small Irish chain Supermac’s. Supermac’s disputed McDonald’s use of the term Big Mac in Europe and it won. The result means any restaurant in the EU can now use the term.

Burger King did not wait long to kick McDonald’s while it was down. Sweden’s BK restaurants have launched an entirely new section of their menu simply titled “Not Big Mac’s.” Some of the sandwiches up for grabs include The Burger Big Mac Wished It Was, Like A Big Mac But Actually Big, and Anything But A Big Mac.

You can check out some Swedish natives ordering sandwiches from the Not Big Mac’s menu in the clip above. Iwo Zakowski, the CEO of Burger King in Sweden, told The Guardian “McDonald’s just lost its trademark for the Big Mac for suing a much smaller player … it’s too much fun for us to stay away.” At the time of typing this, McDonald’s has not responded or hit back.

McDonald’s in the UK currently has a promotion running that features different versions of the Big Mac. The variations include the Big Mac with bacon, and also the Grand Mac. Whether this is a reaction to the court case in Ireland is unclear. It will be interesting to see whether McDonald’s does respond to Burger King. Chances are McDonald’s abides by the unwritten rule of not acknowledging number two when you’re number one, so maybe there will be no return shots fired.