Best Date Night Ideas When In the Era of Social Distancing

socially distanced dates
socially distanced dates

Socially Distanced Dates

Dating is hard work. But even more so during the coronavirus pandemic, when social distancing is the need of the hour. How do you create a romantic and memorable experience when you can’t be physically near your date?

Well, not to worry. We’ve compiled a list of the best date night ideas that are social distancing-friendly and which you can implement right away. Let’s get started.

Must-have items for socially distanced dates

Alright, there are a couple of things you do need in order to make a socially distanced date work. These include:

· Internet connection.
· Smartphone, desktop or laptop
· Enthusiasm to make your socially distanced date work.

Now, let’s get right down to the best date night ideas ever for when you’re social distancing during the era of covid19.

Send each other a surprise gift box

Does your partner love cosmetic products or bakery items? If yes, choose a store that offers gift boxes. Curate a list of items you think your date might love and have the gift boxes delivered to your date.

Then, you can log into your laptops and have a video call where you see each other opening the gift box. It’ll be a great date to see if you chose the right items for your date and you’ll also find out what kind of items they prefer.

Watch A Movie Together, But Apart

Watch a movie together But Apart

These days, you have so many online content platforms where you can stream movies and watch. Just choose a movie that works for both of you and watch it together. You can take breaks every 15-20 minutes to discuss scenes from the movie and understand each other’s perspectives.

It’ll be just like going out to the theater, but with the freedom to pause the movie mid-way just to make fun of it.

If you don’t want to watch a movie, how about a documentary? Just imagine. You watch a true-crime documentary on Netflix and try to solve the case together by putting your detective hats on.

Isn’t this one of the best date night ideas of all time?

Play a video game on Steam

This is a really fun way of having a sort-of-outdoor experience.

Steam offers multi-player games where you and your date can play together. Be on the same team or on opposing teams. Explore different worlds together and have a great time challenging each other to perform better on the game.

Use Google Maps to take them on a virtual tour of your footsteps

This is one of the best date night ideas ever and it’s a beautiful way to connect with your partner. You can switch on Google Maps and share your screen with your date. Then you can show them the places where:

· You grew up.
· You loved to visit as a child.
· You studied or participated in an internship.
· You volunteered.
· You broke the heel or strap of your footwear.
· You accidentally stepped on dog poo.
· You would love to visit in the future with your date once the pandemic is over.

How amazing does that sound?

Attend virtual concerts, plays or art shows together

So many event organizers have started offering virtual events these days. Just book two tickets to these virtual plays, concerts or art shows and attend them together. You can even grab a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese/crackers/strawberries to make the experience more romantic. The same goes for any virtual museum tour where both of you can tour the wings together and discuss the exhibits.

Would you have been able to do this at a physical event?

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Make an amazing dinner date meal

Love to cook? Cook up your favourite dishes and have a meal in front of your laptop/phone. Start with a toast and then dig right in. This can be just like a real date at a restaurant, where you can dress up all fancy and have a meal together.

To bring more spark into the date, you can also make it into a “Trivia Night”. You can prepare a few questions for each other. It’s such a fun way to get to know one another, despite being socially distanced.

Do couple’s artwork or karaoke or dance-off

This is such a fun hands-on date night idea. Grab art supplies of your choice and make an artwork of your choice. From sketches of the other person to origami, the sky is the limit. If you’d like, you can even have a teaching session where one person coaches the other to create a specific piece of art. It’s super fun to see your partner trying to clean off glitter powder from their face and hands, only to have more stick to them from God knows where.

If art isn’t your cup of tea, then you can try karaoke or a dance-off. Just select a song and start singing together. If it’s a dance-off, play the song on your device and start dancing. You can either groove in unison or try to out-dance the other person with your brilliant moves.

Have a virtual double date

If you’re the kind of person who loves going on double dates, this is one of the best date night ideas you could use. Invite another couple to have a virtual dinner date.

Or, if you all have a specific interest – such as reading – you can have a double book club date.

If you don’t have another couple to hang out with, you can always each invite a friend over for the event.

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Exercise together

This is one of the best date night ideas for couples who love to work out.

You can either choose a workout video on YouTube or an app and follow it together. Or, you can build a workout plan together by combining your individual interests. This latter option is a great way to understand what type of fitness each of you prefers. You can also introduce your partner to a new workout that they may not have tried.

Not just exercise, but you can also do the same with couple’s meditation and yoga.

Take an online class together and do homework together

Finally, if both of you enjoy learning, then why not take a short online course or a virtual class together? From cooking classes to knitting classes to literary analysis classes, there are a ton of online courses that you can take up.

Here’s something to make your date more romantic – do your homework together and learn from each other. Trust us, the sapiosexuals here will love this tip.

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