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The Best Must Watch Comedy Movies To Watch This Weekend

Best Comedy Movies to Watch This Weekend

If you had to pick a comedy movie to watch right now – Here is a list to help you choose. Although streaming platforms are making it easier to watch your favourite content, their extensive libraries make it harder to decide what you want to watch—what a time to be alive.

You don’t have to spend your time scrolling endlessly through the streaming platform’s list, as here are the best comedy movies to watch this weekend. There’s a 100% chance you’ll find something you want to watch from this list. What are you waiting for? Time to start scrolling.

You’re browsing Netflix, trying to find a movie to watch, but you want something light. If you want to find a good comedy on Netflix, you might find it daunting among the sea of subpar offerings in the genre.

The following Netflix comedies make the top of our list at the moment. The list includes all types of comedies, from silly buddy comedies to big splashy commercials to more esoteric independent films.

Browse through our list of Netflix’s best comedies to find a show that suits your tastes.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020)

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

If you watched the comedy movie Sacha Baron Cohen’s hit ‘Borat’ (2006), you might have an idea of what to expect from this hilarious film. Everyone couldn’t stop talking about this incredible comedic film after learning it was in the works.

Safe to say, Cohen didn’t disappoint as he delivered with his iconic ‘Borat’ character. Due to the fame of the prequel, it was challenging to make this movie. Despite facing all odds, Cohen still managed to highlight the problems in 2020 while ensuring you enjoy every moment in this film.

The Death of Stalin (2017)

The Death of Stalin - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

Dark comedy may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore ‘The Death of Stalin.’

Focusing on the infamous Joseph Stalin, Armando Iannucci makes a hilarious movie about what happens after his death.

His cronies fight against each other to become the leader of the Soviet Union. Iannucci creates a satirical piece amid a backdrop of assassinations and backstabbing.

Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Dolemite Is My Name - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

It’s been a while since we saw Eddie Murphy back on screen, let alone in a comedy movie. Despite his absence from the big screen, it doesn’t look like he’s been out of the game. Murphy comes back with a bang with a mind-blowing performance as Rudy Ray Moore.

This movie covers Moore’s journey to create a hilarious kung-fu film with Dolemite, his alter ego. You also get to see Keegan Michael Key and Wesley Snipes bring their a-game.

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Hot Rod (2007)

Hot Rod - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

When you finish watching Hot Rod, you’ll find it surprising to know this film didn’t do well during its debut. Andy Samberg plays the role of a nutty stuntman trying everything he can to save his father.

You’ll always be waiting to see the next accident Samberg’s character’s goofy nature. Despite being over a decade old, this film still holds well, which is a remarkable achievement.

Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

A star-studded cast and a murder mystery – Rian Johnson combines these two ingredients to create a hilarious comedy. He uses his creative juices to ensure every actor gets their moment to shine in this film.

Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig, is a detective to uncovers the truth behind Harlan Thrombey’s mysterious death. There is never a dull moment in this film, ensuring you sit through the entire two hours 10 minutes, wanting for more.

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

No comedy movie list is ever complete without mentioning Monthy Python and the Holy Grail. Although it came out in 1975, the humor in this masterpiece will still leave you laughing.

Comedy might have come a long way, but this doesn’t apply to the hilarious theatrics in this movie. Even if you watched this a long time ago, you should add it to your weekend list. Remember, you can never go wrong with Monty Python and the Holy grail.

Palm Springs (2020)

Palm Springs - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

Who said time loop conundrums have to be intense? Palm Springs takes a comedic approach to this predicament faced by Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti. The narrative in this movie is excellent as the setup allows for all types of comedy.

While the two characters are stuck in a time loop, they develop an acute bond. The film tackles existential issues while making sure you laugh.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

Edgar Wright is a master in making comedy films because of his incredible attention to detail. He finds innovative ways to set up a joke, irrespective of the scene.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost bring Wright’s creative direction to life. Add zombies and British romance to the mix, and you got a winning combo.

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad (1988)

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

A classic film, the first movie in The Naked Gun series has it all – gags, crass behaviour, and funny and memorable dialogues. Leslie Nielsen plays Frank Drebin, an oblivious detective trying to stop a criminal mastermind.

The one-liners in this film will leave you laughing like there’s no tomorrow. Despite the obvious slapstick satire, it is a strong contender for the funniest movies to watch.


Zombieland - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin

The writers of Deadpool, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, first appeared on the scene with the 2009 comedy Zombieland. In this film from Ruben Fleischer, which emphasizes the comedy while illustrating the many, many ways in which to kill a zombie, four strangers meet during the zombie apocalypse and agree to take a road trip together. Zombieland stands out for its sharp style and tone more than for its comedic aspects among the glut of zombie films. Bill Murray makes an all-time cameo, of course.

Bad Trip

Bad Trip - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

You will laugh incredibly hard while watching Bad Trip because it is so outrageously juvenile. Eric Andre and Lil Rel Howery are two friends who go on a road trip to chase down Andre’s dream girl from Florida to New York, a cross between Jackass and a traditional road trip comedy.

Tiffany Haddish portrays Howery’s sister, fresh from a prison break and hot on their trail. In every scene, however, an unknown stranger serves as a background and supporting character. There’s something ridiculous about Andre playing a song when surrounded by strangers in a mall, who then asks, “WTF??”The look on their faces says it all. It’s insanely R-rated, so be warned.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

My Best Friend’s Wedding is one of Julia Roberts’ most successful 90s films, and it was the winning film of the Oscar-winning actress.

Roberts plays a single 28-year-old who gets married to his best friend (Dermot Mulroney) but finds out she thinks he is in love with her. As a result, she has one of her best friends (Rupert Everett) pose as her fiancé to cause jealousy at the wedding.

The 1997 romantic comedy may not be as satisfying as other romcoms like Notting Hill or Pretty Woman, but it certainly has its high points – including a memorable song.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

Cast: Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Randy Quaid, Juliette Lewis, Johnny Galecki, and Julia Louis Dreyfus

There’s no law that says you can only watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation during the holiday season, and now that it’s on Netflix, you can view it whenever you like. The 1989 film follows the iconic original and the subpar first sequel European Vacation in the Vacation franchise. For Christmas, the Griswolds invite their extended families to stay over at their house.

Clark (Chevy Chase) is overly stressed as he awaits a hopeful bonus from his company all while trying to keep his family from burning his house down.

To those who claim Christmas Vacation is too sarcastic to be funny, I say that your family must be very different from mine.


Superbad - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

Cast: Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Emma Stone, Seth Rogen, and Bill Hader.

It didn’t take long for Superbad to become a coming-of-age classic as writer Seth Rogen, director Greg Mottola, and producer Judd Apatow made such a wonderful combination of heart and humour.

The comedy is certainly R-rated, but Michael Cera and Jonah Hill’s friendship makes it stand out among raunchy comedies.

Getting liquor for a high school party can be just as nerve-wracking as losing a friend at college, and the unexpected twists and turns make the tale all the more memorable.

50 First Dates

50 First Dates - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

Adam Sandler romcoms like 50 First Dates are worth watching. The film was released in 2004 and began with a veterinarian (Sandler) encountering a lovely young woman (Drew Barrymore) and having a pleasant day.

He tries to follow up the next day with an invitation to go out, but she can’t recall who he is. Her short-term memory has been wiped out daily due to short-term memory loss.

As such, he spends most of the movie winning her over to try and develop a relationship. I love the chemistry between Barrymore and Sandler, and it’s an amazing movie.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

Watch Hunt for the Wilderpeople if you’re looking for an enchanting comedy from the writer/director of Thor: Ragnarok.

The New Zealand adventure comedy follows grumpy Sam Neill and a foul-mouthed kid in their quest to stop a manhunt throughout the bush.

While Hunt for the Wilderpeople is based on an existing book in tone and execution, it often feels like an adaptation of a Roald Dahl book we never knew existed. With Waititi’s playful anarchy, it’s delightful, whimsical, and a little frightening. You will be in a good mood after watching this movie.

The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist - Best Comedy Movies to Watch

Director: James Franco Writers: Scott Neustadter and Michael H. WeberCast: James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Ari Graynor, Josh Hutcherson, and Jackie WeaverA film about the making of the infamously terrible movie The Room should not be this good nor this emotional, but here we are.

It tells the story of how Tommy Wiseau defied pretty much every cinematic convention (for the worse) on his way to making his film The Room, which grew to become a cult favourite for its absolutely bonkers design and execution.

As the story revolves around the friendship between Tommy and Greg Sestero (also played by Dave Franco), James Franco is incredibly talented on and off-screen. This stranger-than-fiction story is also extraordinarily funny.