Ask Amy – I’ve Never Read A Better Response

dear Amy

Easily one of the best answers to ‘Ask Amy’ ever written

Ask Amy is written by Amy Dickinson, a syndicated newspaper columnist from the United States.

In case you are unfamiliar with ‘Ask Amy,’ this is no doubt your local paper’s equivalent, but with a different name.

Amy often receives questions or problems from people asking for advice; most of the time the question/problem is personal and one that the writer is truly struggling with.

You’ve got to check out Amy’s response below!

dear amy


Here are a few other Dear Amy Writtings 

dear amy

dear amy

dear amy

dear amy

In her general advice column, Amy Dickinson has served Chicago Tribune readers for a decade with a wide range of questions both personal and urgent.

Dear Amy Recent Example:

I’m employed by my city, as a government employee in a very large office. This year, our holiday celebrations were cancelled but we were given a “drive-by” celebration instead, where we received gift bags.

After waiting patiently in line, the gift bag was handed to my teenage daughter, who was in the passenger seat. After we pulled away and she began to look through the bag, she discovered a $50 gift card to a sex shop!

I am a female employee working for the mayor. Is it me, or is this extremely inappropriate to give to anyone?

I went to HR about this and was basically laughed at.

What do you think?

Dear Upset:

You don’t mention what business this gift card was for, or how you define “sex shop,” but yes — any gift card for any business even loosely affiliated with a sex shop (including a gift card for lingerie) would be completely inappropriate and outrageous as any kind of professional bonus.

It is also curious that your city was choosing to support this type of business when so many others were hurting this winter, due to the pandemic.

I suggest you try to discern whether others also received this gift.

If a call to the mayor’s office doesn’t yield answers, you might contact your local newspaper.

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