An 80kph (50mph) road in south Western Australia

An 80kph (50mph) road in south Western Australia

An 80kph (50mph) road in south Western Australia from funny

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  1. I work near where this was taken. Seen him a few times the last couple of weeks buzzing round near the shops

  2. You guys must have perfect footpaths on WA try that in QLD and u would eat shit real quick !

  3. Grandma: “I’m horny.”

    Grandpa: “I’m at the bank.”

    Grandma: “The grandchildren aren’t home.”


  4. Wonder if he’s the type to run over children. Had a lady in one of these who was a customer where I worked and often came in after school ended so there was a lot of kids around, and would consistently run over their toes and she was always pissed off at everything.

    It’s like she intentionally picked the busiest times to come in just to run into people

  5. About 20 years ago I was pushing a stroller with my baby son in it along the high street. Forget why we were out. Running some errand or other. It was fairly crowded, I remember. Suddenly the person right in front of us moved quickly to the side, and we were face to face with a guy speeding directly toward us in a mobility scooter. He was clearly enjoying sending people scattering. We barely avoided a head on collision between him in his scooter and my baby son in his pushchair. Slow the fuck down, people.

  6. Damn, should not have put in mph in the title. Would have made the comments section more fun.

  7. I’m surprised how often Western Australia ends up in r/funny. I mean, we’re funny and all, but still….