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Addictive Google Doodle Games To Waste An Afternoon At Work

The simplistic interface of Google, consisting of the logo and the search bar, caught ample attention when it first launched. Then came Google Doodle in 1995—something that founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin used to bring about a welcome change.

The duo’s journey to the Burning Man festival inspired the addition of the stick figure to Google’s logo. The new way of messaging outside of the office became a great hit, and Google Doodle came out of the success.

Popular Google Doodle Games

A third-party contractor got the design brief for Google Doodle until 2000. However, Sergey Brin soon came up with the idea to get it done by their in-house PR team. Since then, the tech giant has a team known as “Doodlers,” who organize and publish Google Doodles on a regular basis.

Google Doodle games have quickly become a go-to source of entertainment and fun that can keep players engrossed for hours at a stretch. If you are interested in the most popular Google Doodle games, then here’s a list you can quickly run through:

Pony Express

google doodle pony express

Amongst the many popular Google Doodle games, Pony Express stands out because of its inspiration theme. It portrays the story of victory through adversity—something that sets apart the artistic creativity of William H. Russell, William B Waddell and Alexander Majors, who founded the doodle on April 3, 1860.

Wubbo Ockels’ 74th birthday

Dr. Wubbo Ockels is known for being the first citizen of the Netherlands in space. His 74th birthday was beautifully celebrated by Google through this doodle. Dr. Wubbo Ockels was known widely for his optimism and positivity and was an ardent propagator of sustainable energy. The zero-gravity effect as he traverses in space, as well as his moustache, are quite fun.

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro google doodle

The amazingly ornate metro stations of Moscow can inspire awe in first-time visitors. The stations of the capital of Russia are no less than a breed between an ancient museum and a palatial residence. This doodle was developed in 2015 and since then, it has been giving people a glimpse into the city with its enticing illustration replicating vintage posters of the country.

Virginia Wolf Google Doodle

Virginia Wolf has wooed readers across the world with her heart-touching writing style. Hailing from Great Britain, she is counted amongst the best novelists and the outstanding icons of feminism. In 2018, a Google Doodle was created by Louise Pomeroy, an English illustrator, who celebrated her minimalist approach on her 136th birthday. The falling leaves around her image added to the visual quotient of the doodle.

Carnaval de Barranquilla

Carnaval de Barranquilla

The Carnaval de Barranquilla is a gleeful parade in Columbia. This doodle celebrated the cultural heritage by depicting it’s indigenous European and African traditions. Google puts in the traditional costumes and masks in this doodle, which is beautifully stylized and filled with characters to elate your heart completely. Do check them out and get a glimpse of the vibrant festival that makes the Columbian culture stand out in its own way.


Georges Méliès

2018, a year when virtual reality had already captured a robust market, Google Doodle embraced the technology for the first time. This doodle marked an alliance with Cinémathèque Française to honour the pioneering film director from France, George Méliès, who was much celebrated in the film Hugo. If you have Google’s Cardboard or any other VR device, you can enjoy this virtual reality doodle with the much-desired immersive.


Bach Google Doodle

After VR doodles, Google Doodle stepped into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and integrated the technology with Bach, the doodle to celebrate world-famous German musician and composer Johann Sebastian Bach. It’s the first doodle to be powered by AI that offered a highly interactive experience. This allows the user to create melodies at their own discretion. You can simply press a button and let the doodle use machine learning for striking a balance between its music style and your custom melody.

Rubik’s Cube Google Doodle

Rubik’s Cube Google Doodle

Lastly, there’s the classic Rubik’s Cube. See how quickly you can solve the puzzle. Good luck and have fun!

The above are some of the many Google doodle games you can check out for your entertainment. Each of them exudes distinct creativity and does complete justice to the cause behind their creation. It’s a celebratory motif and Google Doodle does a great job each time in bringing it to life with their out-of-the-world illustrations and user-friendly interactivity.