From Grunge to Glam: A Look Back at ’90s Fashion

Whether you’re nostalgic for the 90s or just looking for something new to wear, these popular trends are the perfect fit for you.

90s fashion was all about experimentation, women were trying new styles and taking risks with their fashion choices. It was a time of self-expression and individualism.

When you think of 90s fashion for women, what comes to mind? Chances are, you think of grunge. This trend dominated the fashion world in the early 90s and is still popular today. But there were other trends that were popular in the 90s as well.

We’ve compiled a list of the top women’s 90s fashion trends.

90s Fashion

Wearing the 90s style effectively requires learning how to wear complementary pieces without overdoing the nostalgia. You can find the right look and how to wear it today if you’re struggling to find cute clothes or wear the attire of the decade.

women's 90s hip hop fashion

80s 90s fashion

90s teenage fashion

The Grunge Look

how to get the grunge look

grunge look of the 90s

You may have thought you left the ’90s behind, but if you take a look at fashion trends lately, you’ll see that a lot of the grunge look from that decade is making a comeback. And we have to say, we’re kind of loving it.

If you’re looking to tap into your ’90s roots, we’ve got a few tips on how to do the grunge look justice. First, start with some basic pieces and build from there. A plaid shirt, jeans, and boots are a good place to start. As for accessories, go for chunky necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

The Glamorous Look

how to look glamorous all the time with 90s fashion

Versace was one designer who embraced the glam look. The clothes he wore were dripping in gold and jewels, and his shows were always extravagant affairs. In the 1990s, Versace made you feel like a goddess. Dolce & Gabbana was another designer who brought glamor to the ’90s. They were known for their luxurious materials and intricate designs. If you wanted to feel like a movie star, you wore Dolce & Gabbana.

The Sporty Look

The 90s Sporty Look For Females

You may have thought that the ’90s were all about flannel and over-the-knee socks, but there was also a sporty look that was popular during that time. Think tracksuits, mom jeans, and Nike sneakers. There were definitely some trends that you’ll want to forget (hello, scrunchies), but overall, the ’90s sporty look was pretty wearable and still looks good today. So if you’re feeling nostalgic, why not give it a try?

90s Casual Look

Cute Casual 90s Look For Girls

You might remember the ’90s as a time when denim was king. Jeans, jackets, skirts—you name it, we wore it. And the best part was that we could mix and match different pieces to create our own unique look. There was something special about the way women dressed in the ’90s. We were all about comfort and convenience, which is why so many of us opted for the casual look. Of course, there were a few fashionistas who liked to push the boundaries, but for the most part, we stuck to what we knew worked well.

1990s Formal Look

cute 90s Formal Look dress

When it comes to ’90s fashion for women, one trend that stands out is the formal look. You might remember gowns and skirts that went all the way to the floor, and tops with billowy sleeves. There was a lot of lace and beading going on, and the overall effect was pretty and feminine. This look was a reaction to the grunge movement, which was all about being casual and unkempt. The formal look was meant to show that women could be both stylish and sophisticated. And it definitely caught on—you might even say it became a bit of a trend in its own right.

90s Rave Fashion

90s rave fashion brands

Fashion changed dramatically during the 1990s. Rave culture was on the rise, and a new style of dress came with it. Neons, sequins, and bold patterns were all popular choices for ravers. 90s rave fashion was all about self-expression and having fun. This style was not only about being fashionable but also about being seen. Ravers wanted to stand out from the crowd and make a statement.

90s Shoes

shoes from the 90s - AirWalk

Fashion trends in ’90s shoes included platform shoes, sneakers, combat boots, and square-toed heels. It was common to wear Doc Martens boots, Steve Madden slip-on platforms, Birkenstocks, and FILA or Adidas tennis shoes. Combined with a leather jacket and Doc Martens combat boots, you can create a grunge vibe by wearing a black maxi dress. Alternatively, you can find boots with a large platform for that edgy style, and switch out the military boots. Put on platforms or strappy heels if you’re wearing a crop top and skirt set or a slip dress with a cowl neck.

Flared Jeans

90s vintage flare jeans

90's flare jeans

In the 1990s, flared jeans also dominated the fashion scene after being associated with the hippie movement of the 1970s. Loose and oversized pants were popular before skinny jeans became popular. Keeping the ’90s vibe, pair flared jeans with a black satin cowl neck tank top and matching square-toe heels for a trendy look. Add rectangle sunglasses, a choker necklace, and a mini bag to your jeans outfit to complete the look.

Neon Fashion

neon 90s outfit

female 90s neon fashion

Neon fashion has been around for decades, but it’s having a moment in the spotlight again. If you want to make a statement with your style, consider incorporating some neon into your wardrobe. Neon clothes and accessories add a pop of color to any outfit and can make you stand out in a crowd.

Hoop Earrings

90s fashion with hoop earrings

Despite their popularity in the ’90s, hoop earrings remain a chic accessory. Some women may be intimidated by hoops if they have never worn them before. You can choose from a variety of hoop earrings, and the type you select determines how much attitude, flair, and cuteness you want.

If you enjoy wearing edgy and sexy jewelry, try a pair of large gold hoops. Hoop earrings made of silver or tortoiseshell can be paired with your outfit if you prefer not to accessorize with gold hoop earrings.

90s Emo Fashion

early 90s emo goth fashion

There was a lot of emphasis on being different in 90s emo fashion. Bright colors, tight jeans, and flannel shirts were all popular choices. In addition to chokers and piercings, 90s emo kids loved to accessorize.

While today’s emo fashion is more subdued, the 90s were all about standing out from the crowd. Emo kids didn’t care what anyone else thought of them, and they dressed accordingly. If you want to channel your inner 90s emo kid, make sure to shop vintage stores or look for 90s-inspired clothing brands.

90s Outfits

Sexy 90s women fashion

Fashion from the nineties for women

As a result of artists such as Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, and No Doubt, this decade marked a distinct era in women’s fashion. Various styles were popular, ranging from preppy to bohemian and urban to grunge. Different materials, unique patterns, and dazzling metallics made up ’90s outfits that perfectly harmonized with the era’s culture.


chokers from the 90s

There was nothing more iconic than a choker in the ’90s. In addition to being worn by celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani, choker necklaces also provided an edgy yet sexy style to Hollywood’s “it” girls. This collar-like necklace wore a variety of designs around the neck. Charms, beads, and jewels adorned some of the stretchy fabric ones.


1990s scrunchies for the hair ideas

The 1990s were the era of scrunchies. In the past, scrunchies were a popular hair accessory that completed any cute casual outfit with a pop of color. Different designs of hair scrunchies are available in bright colors, satin fabrics, and velvets. Scrunchies in muted neutral hues like white, gray, black, beige, brown, navy blue, emerald and maroon are an excellent choice for modernizing this accessory. Silk, velvet, and sequin are all good materials for scrunchies.

Celebrity Fashion

90s celebrity fashion outfit designs

90s celebrity fashion Style Ideas

The 90s were a time of iconic fashion, and many celebrities helped to set the trends. From supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell to actresses like Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore, 90s celebrity fashion was all about attitude and individuality.

Clothing in the 90s was often oversized and baggy, with many layers. Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio popularized the “grunge” look, while others like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears helped to bring back old-school styles like high-waisted jeans and crop tops.

90s Freaknik Fashion

90s freaknik outfits ideas

The 90s were a time of self-expression and individuality, and Freaknik fashion was no exception. This unique style was characterized by bright colors, bold patterns, and exaggerated silhouettes. While it may have been considered outrageous at the time, today it is hailed as a fashion trendsetter.

Japan 90s Fashion

90s fashion in japan

Japan’s 90s fashion was about breaking away from the traditional and experimenting with new styles. Being unique was the goal of Japanese fashion in the 90s. Many bold and bright colors characterized Japan’s 90s fashion. Neon colors were trendy.

Country Fashion

90s country music fashion

The 90s were a great time for country fashion. The overall look was very natural and relaxed, with an emphasis on comfort and functionality. A muted, earthy palette and loose silhouettes characterized the collection.

Dad Fashion

dad fashion in the 90s

There’s something about 90s dad fashion that oozes cool. Maybe it’s the relaxed fit jeans, the plaid flannel shirts, or the dad sneakers. Whatever it is, 90s dad fashion is having a moment, and we are here for it.

90s Dancehall Fashion

90s dancehall fashion men

For many, it was a time of flashy clothes, big hair, and even more prominent personalities. But there was more to 90s dancehall fashion than just over-the-top looks. This was when fashion was used as a form of self-expression, and many of the trends that started in the 90s are still popular today.

90s Hippie Fashion

90s Hippie Fashion For Women and Men

The 90s was a decade of many different fashion trends. Among them, hippie fashion made a comeback. This type of fashion is characterized by its relaxed, comfortable, and often handmade clothing. The 90s hippie look is often described as “boho chic” and became popular among young people looking for a more alternative lifestyle.

Latina Fashion

90s sexy Latina Fashion For Women

What comes to mind when you think of 90s Latina fashion? Maybe you think of the iconic TV show Selena, or JLo’s iconic green Versace dress. Whatever it is, 90s Latina fashion is unique and memorable.

90s Surf Fashion

90s surfer fashion for men

90s surf fashion was all about effortless, relaxed style. The clothing was loose and comfortable, focusing on natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Surf-inspired brands like Quiksilver and Billabong were popular and sporty brands like Nike and Adidas.

90s Golf Fashion

90s mens golf fashion

The 90s were a great time for golf fashion. The styles were casual and comfortable but still stylish. There was a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from, so you could express your personality on the golf course.

Russian fashion

Russian fashion

The 90s were a time of significant change in Russia, and fashion was no exception. In the years following the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian fashion began to reflect the Western styles that were becoming increasingly popular. However, there was still a strong influence from traditional Russian dress.

One of the most popular 90s Russian fashion trends was wearing ripped jeans. This style was adopted from Western fashion but adapted to the Russian market. Ripped jeans were seen as a way of expressing individuality and rebellion against the system.

90s Overalls – Straps Down

90s Overalls – Straps Down

Supermodels and actors wore overalls on stage and in movies throughout the nineties. There was a classic 90’s overall style worn with one strap down, both straps down, and even without a shirt underneath – a la Jodeci.

Bold Combat Boots

Bold Combat Boots

Dr. Martens brand combat boots were the footwear everyone wanted in the nineties, introduced by the post-punk fashion and grunge scene of the 80s. Celebs like Mel B from Spice Girls and fictional characters like Daria Morgendorffer popularized the look in the 1990s.

Nineties Bike Shorts

Nineties Bike Shorts

90s spandex bike shorts were worn by celebrities like Madonna and Jane Fonda both in and out of the gym. Nevertheless, Princess Diana’s orange biker shorts from De Marchi were the most iconic example of 90s bike shorts style. Sir Richard Branson gifted her an oversized sweatshirt in navy blue branded Virgin Atlantic to go with her orange bike shorts. Kim Kardashian, Off-White, and Naomi Campbell are bringing back the bike shorts of the 90s.

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