7 Foods That Flush Mucus From Your Body !

Mucus exists in our bodies

7 Foods That Flush Mucus From Your Body ! How to get rid of mucus.

Mucus exists in our bodies at all times—even when we’re not sick! It has many different purposes, including hydrating and nourishing many different organs, including your skin.

There are some all-natural ways to move that mucus along, including these seven foods.

1. Pineapple.
2. Cardamom.
3. Ginger.
4. Pumpkin Seeds.
5. Onion.
6. Garlic.
7. Berries.

Pineapple slices can be just as good, but try to avoid those sold in syrup.

Cardamom can help in reducing the buildup of excess mucus in the body. You can drink ginger tea, suck on ginger candies or grate fresh ginger into your favourite dishes.

Onion can help in dealing with cold, cough, fever, low immunity and a sore throat. Garlic can be used as a natural expectorant which can help in breaking down phlegm build-up.


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