5 Worst Grandpas Of All Time

Bad Grandpa

From smuggling drugs into a prison to beating your whole family over peanut butter, we count down 5 Worst Grandpas Of All Time.

Music: Maybe This Time – JR Tundra

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5 Worst Grandpas Of All Time


  1. weed is amazing. and also not a DRUG. people need to get their facts straight about this. it is NOT considered a drug anymore!

  2. You said Henrico wrong. It's pronounced HenREIco. But everyone gets the name wrong. But that's super creepy, I live near there.

  3. I gotta say, I think the number one grandpa should replace number five, and five with one,  I don't see the smuggling as such a bad thing, compared to number five.

  4. MindChop should get more subscribers thats not fair he sweats she/or he butt of so we can know these facts!!!!😡

  5. 2 is kinda understandable  he could have choked and died  and they prob thought it was funnie

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