5 Unexplained Mysteries Caught On Camera

Weird and inexplicable events caught on camera

Have you ever seen a photo or a video which stops you in your tracks and makes you wonder what’s going on? There have been many pictures and videos which don’t make sense and might show us something, although we’re not entirely sure what. There are many great mysteries that remain unexplained but have been caught on camera for us to wonder about. Today, we are showing you 5 Unexplained Mysteries Caught on Camera.

What do you think about aliens? Could they exist, or are we alone in the universe? This video will tell you about a picture that might just prove the existence of extraterrestrial life… or it might not. We honestly don’t know, but maybe you could form your own opinion.

You’ll also learn about how a surveillance camera picked up something that wasn’t a would-be intruder, how a photograph of a young girl went viral years before the internet, and more. Keep watching until the end for a picture that’s chilling in more ways than one, and remember to subscribe to The Things and let us know your thoughts on 5 Unexplained Mysteries Caught on Camera.


  1. On this day that conspiracy theories abound if someone were to publish the answers to all your queries about space and time, multiverses, dark matter, black holes and reality itself; would you just ignore it? Perhaps all the answers you seek are “under your nose(s)”; will you seek it out? “Imagination is the way.” By Elias Leousis. Naw, you won’t, it would be too easy.

  2. This is the worst video ever published on youtube. Annoying voice of the commentator and the worst non footage of all videos. If i could sue these people for wasting peoples time….. i would !

  3. What if it's a yeti that ancient snow creatures I mean they do exist though and also they live in frozen places speicaly Mount Everest right 🧐🧐

  4. Seriously annoying that you dont show any of the footage noone wants to watch stock photos on a slideshow! Its boring and only appeals to children.