5 Strangest Photos of World War II

Most unfamiliar Photos From World War 2

From Hitler’s true eye colour to the infamous Ghost Army, we count down 5 Strangest Photos of World War II.


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  1. Once, I was walking my cat and it fell in the ocean, so I pulled her up on the harness she was attached to.

  2. And what that colored picture of Hitler's eyes proves? With the nowadays photo shop technology, one can make his eyes (or anybody's) look like any color of the rainbow…

  3. Most German Soldiers during WWII in all branches of the German Military, had no idea about the Death Camps, some might of heard roomers about it but more than 90 percent had no idea about those camps.

  4. 1:28 is a beautiful reminder that there are always good people and sometimes in the darkest of days there will always be someone who cares. šŸ™‚

  5. Hitler's eyes one is very interesting…I mean, woah, if it were true, to have that kind of power like a spell? something supernatural if you ask me. chosen by Satan.

  6. how can you be so blind? I have read countless books, seen countless black and white pictures, brown eyes show up dark in black/white pics. if he had blue eyes all the pictures I saw growing up would have had a white/grey tone to his eyes but they had a very distinct darkness. He was a hypocrite because of that, wanting to build a great race when himself was not what he depicted in his mind and he knew it. that is what fueled his unrelenting wars, his own self hatred. saying his eyes are blue is completely and utterly a joke.

  7. the last one is wrong seriously wtf camps? lmfao please don't believe it,if you do then you're closed minded.

  8. "jack churchill was a world war two commando who used a longbow and a claybeg sword"

    wtf commandos??

  9. keep in mind not ALL nazis where evil you idiots they where following there leader which obviously america does the same thing just not on a mass scale bad shit happens but if you knew anything about life thats be obvious

  10. 1:35 "Germans deliberatly starving the soviets around there". Please provide me your source for that claim. Let alone this photo is an evidence for that being a simple LIE.
    Have you ever heard about the Holodomor?
    And that number 1 picture… That's actually documentation of people being brainwashed right there.

  11. mad jack's sword is a one hander not a claymore would be pretty nuts to try and fight with a sword as big as a human in ww2

  12. Nice blob of demonizing Jew propaganda turning Nazis againĀ the 'bad guys' and sure as hell alsoĀ the "remorse" part comes along, origins ofĀ the brainwashing of whole nation underĀ the manufactured guilt onĀ thingsĀ that never happened.

  13. There was nothing strange at all. Ā You showed 5 photos and gave an opinion, why add "Strangest" to the title? Ā Thanks for wasting my time.

  14. well number 3…just cause your ordered to do something..does not mean you actually wanna do it or think its right thus the phrase

    only following orders

  15. are you personally responsible for what your government Ā is doing?
    do you even know what they're doing

  16. actually if i remember correctly, those inflatable tanks weren't used to scare the enemy, they were used to train for the invasion of Normandy