5 Strange Creatures Found Frozen in Ice

Unnatural Animals In Ice

When an animal becomes frozen in ice, its body can last for thousands of years, giving us an incredible view of what the world was like when the animal was alive.

Prehistoric mammoths, woolly rhinos, and even humans have been discovered, and are almost perfectly preserved, encased in their tomb of ice. But sometimes, more mysterious things are uncovered that seem to challenge parts of our understanding of biology.


  1. I don't take serious this video because until now for such sensational discovery there has not been published a scientific publication for instance in PubMed, This video is a lot of fuss about nothing.

  2. I know you're catching some flack for parts of the video. But still, it was really cool and inspired me to look up some of the things you mentioned myself too, and i like how organized it was and lots of good info!

  3. O.o
    There are 19 living relatives of the last one, my jaw hit the floor.

    I wanna know more did they contact them? Omg that would be so awesome to be able to see an ancient ansestor like this.

  4. The Minessota iceman survived by eating species like the fur-bearing trout and had went extinct down to the last endling due competition with the hodags.

  5. So many animals found around the world with mud in their mouth nostrils and lungs. Hmm, I wonder if Noahs flood had anything to do with that?

  6. Thousands of years from now an alien race will find a single mummified bagel bite in my freezer. The last remnant left to show I once existed.

  7. I LOVE THIS! I knew that the Utzi was murdered or severely injured, but when I learned it, they were probably still collecting info from all their tests and the artifacts nearby. The articles and stories I had read at the time said the evidence so far suggested he might have been: either a farmer who was killed during a sheep-napping, or that he was a hunter who was attacked by an unknown party, and shortly succumbed to his wounds after collapsing in the snow and ice. It's cool how they now have BLOOD TRACES of other individuals preserved within his clothes and tools! So much has been put together since their original proposal 😉

  8. I went to Austin with my girlfriend on a whim and went to the museum of the weird and met the Ice Man! It was fantastically tacky and cheesy. Luckily I went two years ago.