5 Sexual Disney Messages


Sexual Hints in Disney Movies

From clouds saying SFX, to a penis on The Little Mermaid cover we bring you 5 Sexual Disney Messages.


  1. Other people have captured these and other "subliminal" messages far better than this video. Thumbs down.

  2. Thumbs down for being an idiot… Look up the definition of the word pareidolia!
    And one more thing, The employee who drew a phallus because he was upset for being laid off, did he sneak back into the studio and draw it after he was laid off? or Did they give him a weeks notice before they laid him off?
    (Rhetorical question)

  3. 1;59, terrible,. though if  you,re   looking for a design for the new Notre  Dame spire,,,.

  4. You say it spells 'SFX'…..yet you then say that they do it again on the 'Tangled' artwork…and highlight 'SEX' in red…Face it, they put SEX both times.