5 Hidden Disney Messages

Hidden Messages In Disney Movies

From Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled in Frozen to Mrs. Potato Head in Toy Story reading Bugs Life, we count down 5 Hidden Disney Messages.

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5 Hidden Disney Messages


  1. At 1:10:00/1:29:59 , the diamond cluster forms a pentagram. The fourth diamond in from the left has a pentagram drawn on it. The faces on the other diamonds look like trapped suffering souls. I guess when they banned subliminal bleeps it only included food items. I'm surprised they didn't show Satan at the center of the Earth.

  2. There's actually a theory where anna and elsa's parents were going to rapunzel's celebration but died getting there and the ship they rode on was the same ship ariel explored

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  4. Most people already know about these Easter eggs but are you going to even tell us envy thing other than Easter eggs. Also I kind of agree with the theory that Jane is the child of Bell because there is a scene in Tarzan with the tea pots from beauty and the beast so nice one on this one, get more like these!

  5. In the Lorax, when Granny is telling him what to get to give the Lorax, he opened a drawer and there was a bunch of stuff and a minion key chain inside. GO WATCH IT AND SEE THAT!!! ITS AWESOME!