4 Ways to Naturally Flush and Cleanse Your Kidneys

Clean Your Kidneys

4 Ways to Naturally Flush and Cleanse Your Kidneys. How to cleanse kidneys naturally at home. What you take into your body can pollute your liver and kidneys, make it hard for them to function properly. Here are 4 steps to keep your liver and kidneys clean.

1. Drink half a cup of water with 4 to 6 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar daily before eating your meals.
2. Drink one to two cups of pure cranberry juice not from concentrate every day.
3. Add one serving of artichokes to your daily diet.
4. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Cleansing Foods: In the meantime, keep these foods in a constant rotation of your diet so that you are constantly cleansing your kidneys:-
Lemon juice


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