36 Rare Animal Facts You Forgot to Google

Unusual Animal Details

What’s the smartest bird on Earth? Which creature has an ear between its legs? And how do bears go to the bathroom while hibernating? I’m guessing very quietly. Here are the most random yet fascinating facts for all the animal lovers out there!


  1. Few facts: based on 0:34 The singular and plural of Kiwi is Kiwi. Kiwis don't mean the birds, Kiwis mean the people of New Zealand. Btw Kiwi are only found in New Zealand and Moa are also found only in New Zealand. People of NZ are known as Kiwis, it's their identity in all sports, even business. Kiwi is their national bird and national animal.
    Btw Kiwi are becoming extinct. Only 68,000 left as of 2019. So we must do something to save them.

  2. Bright side: i ran out of videos to make soo….. enjoy

    More that 256k people: i am soo bored during quarantine, so let me watch this

    Me: lol 😂

  3. ummm… bright side at 7:30 you said they used cannaries in coal mines and if they started chirping they had to get out of there… but it was because they STOPPED chirping they had to get out… and they used cannaries bc they had to consume less poisonous gas to die bc they had smaller bodies(my English class studied it before quarantine😄😁speaking of which how is y'alls quarantine??)

  4. BRIGHT SIDE: I sing to my neighbours to tell them to get off my lawn.
    Me: (singing) Why on Earth don’t you get off my lawn, get off my lawn, get off my lawwwwwwn!