30 Biggest Ship Collisions and Mistakes Caught On Camera

Ship Accidents and Slips

Some of them couldn’t drift apart in open water, some confused the coast with the sea, and some suffered from mechanical malfunctions or broke the operation rules. Today we will show you epic clips of ship accidents.

Watch until the end if you want to be amazed.



  1. the skipper on the Addygill has later confessed that he was told by She Sheppard leader and captain of Steve Irwin (Paul Watson) to ram the Japanese whaling boat and later to sink the Addygill because it didn't sink by it self and it would take to much time for Steve Irwin to town it to land, so it's was a big stunt for the Animal planet show Whale Wars to gain more support (Money) for Sea Shepherd

  2. The house in Florida was spared a collision from the Cruise ship…sadly it will most likely be destroyed later by a hurricane!!

  3. Watching ship crashes like these always remind me for some reason of the movie Caddyshack. The late great Rodney Dangerfield saying "hey you scratched my anchor" ….. as his anchor is dropped completely thru the deck / hull of a small sailing vessel! Great movie …..

  4. lol the ady gil didn't have laser canons its a modified potato canon to launch stink bombs and red pain. The larger ship the shonan maru had acoustic canons though for riot control. The ady gil also was running out of fuel so they stopped makes me wonder how reliable the rest of the information on this video is…..