3 Ways to Avoid Losing Motivation

six tips on how you can remain inspired and motivated
six tips on how you can remain inspired and motivated

Evade Wasting Motivation

We’ve all had issues with motivation. There were days we all just wanted to keep watching TV, scrolling through social media, and whatever else–as long as it wasn’t something productive. After COVID-19 hit, I think we can all agree that things haven’t gotten any better but in fact, worse. No work, no school, isolation. It’s easier to forget what we were even fighting for.

So, here are three sure-fire ways to make sure you keep that motivation intact and continue to conquer while others are still slouching about.

Remember the Why

The U.S. Navy SEALS have to go through hell week (7 days of endless, rigorous training and torture) to officially pass their training and become a registered SEAL. What pushes them through isn’t might or how fit they are. After the first few days, it’s no longer about competition, either. David Goggins, a retired SEAL who had to complete hell week three times, says it’s about remembering why you were there.

Why did you join the SEALS? You must remember your roots, and that will remind you why you’re fighting this hard.

If one of the hardest military training requires this principle, surely it applies everywhere. Think back to why you started whatever you started. There was surely a dream, aspirations, ambition… maybe you wanted to make your parents proud. Whatever your reason, when you feel discouraged, remember why you started. If you still want it, you will remember that it’s all worth it. Keep fighting, soldier.

If Others Can Do it, Why Can’t You?

Some may say–and by some, I mean your elementary school teachers, that everyone is different and that you shouldn’t compare yourself with others. Well, sure. But, most people were born with a brain, hands, and feet, and developed a thing called willpower. If you’re living in North America, you’re extremely privileged compared to people in developing countries. Rest assured, they’re working a lot harder than you are to survive. There is always someone going through something worse, who has it harder, yet they still persist and conquer. In fact, your parents may have brought you here, to the land of promises–no easy feat. So if they can push through their struggles, why can’t you with all the privileges you have?

Don’t get it twisted, some people are gifted, others lucky… don’t beat yourself up. But, if you’re just sitting around, remind yourself that there are people, human beings built just like you, moving mountains. Hustle up. If they can do it, so can you.

Surround Yourself In a Supportive Environment

There’s a saying: you are the average of the five closest people around you.

If you’re constantly around success-conscious people who talk about their growth and learning, eventually, you’ll join the conversation. Your friends will start to motivate you, the projects you start together will be… fun. It won’t feel like some chore like your homework does.

However, if you’re surrounded by people who always gossip, horse around, drink, and don’t have their priorities straight, the negative energy will rub off on you and that’s the life you will be accustomed to. So, no motivation to get out there and so something.

Sure, COVID-19 may have cut you off from your friend group, but if you know that they’re slouch around all day at home–you’ll be doing the same. But, if you know that they’re grinding away while everyone is in their beds watching Netflix, you’ll want to get a move on as well. No one likes to get left behind.

Remember, your environment is important and can affect you. If your surroundings are toxic, change them instead of letting them manage you.