25 Times Babies Really, Really Enjoyed This Whole Eating Thing

25 Times Babies Really, Really Enjoyed This Whole Eating Thing

Babies Enjoying Foods

Eating solid food is a big milestone for babies. After months or even a full year of consuming mostly liquids, there’s suddenly this whole world full of flavours, textures, and all kinds of messes to be made.

Hollywood’s Favorite Mini Foodie

Hollywood Life

Unlike most toddlers, Luna Stephens, AKA Luna Legend, doesn’t do things halfway. Instead of wearing her spaghetti all over her head like some of the other kiddos here, she’s taking a different approach. Mom and dad must have taught her well, though, since Chrissy Teigen is a chef and cookbook writer and dad John Legend has been snapped enjoying some dining delicacies. It’s refreshing to see a baby eating rather cleanly, laid back and chilled with her feet up while doing so. Luna gets major mini foodie points for this one, especially because she probably won’t even need a bath afterward.

24 Baby, Meet Food

Dear Daughters

This could be either the most delicious food item known to man, or maybe it’s just the baby’s first foray into food on a spoon, but the kiddo’s doing things right either way. Notice that although they’ve spilled the gooey meal all over the place, this child is still working things with the spoon. That’s serious dedication to food right there, and we’re here for it. Most babies at this age, propped in a Bumbo, no less, probably wouldn’t be able to get the spoon to their face, let alone into their mouths, so this child is probably one step away from licking the bowl, too.

23 Gimme That Soul-Soothing Nutella

What adult isn’t absolutely obsessed with Nutella? We get that it’s not healthy, and we really don’t care. It’s just that delicious! People are so crazy about it that there’s literally a gallon-sized jug of it for sale somewhere in the world. If that doesn’t say something about how amazing it is, then this photo might. See, even babies know how Nutella is meant to be eaten: without a spoon and with plenty of overindulgences and pure delight. Okay, so maybe this tot looks a little guilty, but don’t we wear that same face when we’re caught with our hands in the Nutella jar?

22 Nutella, Take Two

Scoop Whoop

Here’s how most of us look after eating our Nutella snack: a bit messy, but still willing to go in for seconds. This kiddo is after our own hearts here, and it’s not just because they’re mostly clean except for the bib and the face. Because let’s be honest, it looks super gross smeared all over the place, but when you know how great it tastes, you’re willing to forgive that and acknowledge that every toddler eating it straight from the jar has the right idea. Of course, we’re not sure their parents are in their right minds, but that’s beside the point.

21 Just A Bit More BBQ

Swig and Swine BBQ

Ribs are great, but there’s really no barbecue dish that any sane person would say no to. And even though this little one probably can’t handle a rib yet, they’re not intimidated by all the tang and spice of these barbecued meats. And that use of the fork is pretty impressive for someone who can’t wipe their own mouth yet. Although, what’s really the point when most BBQ joints keep diners stocked with wet wipes. And there’s no judgment here anyway: the mess doesn’t count as long as the food makes it into your pie-hole in the end.

20 In A Carb-Loaded Trance

via Pinterest

This is the expression every single person on the planet wears as they’re thinking “I ate it all.” It looks like this tot was enjoying some pasta, which explains the zombie-look in their eyes, as we all know how heavy the carbs hit us once we put the fork (or the fist) down. It’s adorable how orange this kiddo is, though, and we can’t help but commend both the parents for allowing this to happen, white shirt and all, and the child for finishing their meal. Who says no to spaghetti anyway, even if the whole plate was a bit much.

19 Nori Goes 100 Percent In With Chocolate


It’s chocolate. Do we really need to say anything else? The “before” shot of North West before this image was taken featured her snacking on a chocolate chip pancake. Now, it’s evident that the pancake was 99 percent chocolate and one percent pancake, but can you blame them? Traditional childhood foods like sugary pancakes are probably one of the few things North gets to enjoy, albeit still in the spotlight, and she’s definitely living the foodie life right if this photo is anything to go by. And have you seen Saint carrying around his not-snack-sized bag of Haribo candies? Yeah, these kids will be alright.

18 Spoon-Lickin’ Good

A Prairie Doula

Lots of babies do “finger-lickin’ good,” because that’s the nature of babies. But this child has gone a step further and is cleaning off the spoon. And doesn’t that just bring back memories of baking or cooking with mom or dad, or grandma or grandpa, as a kid and getting the privilege of licking the spoon or the mixer attachments (unplugged, of course)? Besides, everyone knows that you don’t just let the spoon soak when you’re done baking up something delicious. It’s a rite of passage to clean that spoon with your own tongue. But someone should still wash it afterward… Please…

17 Bowl-Cleaning Babies Are Doing Things Right


Every adult knows this feeling: the meal was just so delicious, you’ve got to basically lick the bowl clean to savor every single morsel. For a moment, let’s pretend that’s what this child is doing, since we can plainly see bits of the meal still all over the high chair tray. What grownups can really relate to is how the spoon has been abandoned and it’s just bowl meets mouth. If only adults could get away with eating like animals. There sure would be a lot less dishes to do if we could make like this bowl-faced baby at meal’s end.

16 Cake? Smash.

Cakes Discovery Engine

Cake smashes are all the rage these days, whether it’s the baby’s first birthday or the grown-up’s thirty-first. And we can’t really judge, because haven’t we all been tempted to smash our faces into a pristinely frosted cake, or grab a huge handful of rich chocolate decadence? Yeah, so why do kids get to have all the fun? We really can’t begrudge this little one for the handful though, and at least they attempted it with a fork. That’s pretty impressive because most adults don’t have that much restraint when presented with their very own smash cake to slobber all over.

15 Get This Kid A Rib Bib

1000 Awesome Things

It might be a bit awkward to wear a bib when you’re a grownup, but we all know it’s worth it to indulge in a plate full of ribs. Like this child, who is evidently unconcerned with his attire and is more focused on getting all that juicy, tangy BBQ goodness into his mouth. And what adult hasn’t worn a BBQ sauce smile a la the Joker just to get all that savory flavor down the hatch? Just hand us a few wet wipes, okay?

14 Teeth? Who Needs Teeth?

Absolute History

Just because you can’t chew it doesn’t mean you can’t gum it, right? And who can pass on ribs, even if they don’t have the teeth to chew them thoroughly? This little kid is totally doing this whole food thing right because they’re just going at it without having any clue on how to actually eat a rib. Which is completely the point. When it’s savory and everyone else is scarfing it down, it’s the whole when in Rome thing, and you just have at it. At least this child has a bib, because the parents? Not so much. Wet wipes all around here, too.

13 Ah, Joyous Sloppy Joes

Miles Allen Blackwell

When I was a child, I was never this happy when it was sloppy joe night. However, I regret that now, because as an adult, sloppy joes are one of the easiest and most satisfying meals you could plate up. At least in the US, sloppy joes are a staple that combines everyone’s favorites, ground beef and red sauce, and puts them on another bready favorite: sesame-seed buns. So this kiddo gets credit for recognizing the awesomeness that is the sloppy joe, and outright embracing it all over their face. Whether or not any food actually made it into that open mouth, though, who knows.

12 Straight Into The Spaghetti


Here’s what everyone’s been waiting for: the traditional spaghetti-on-the-face photo of a baby thoroughly enjoying making a mess. This kiddo seems a bit baffled about all the sauce, though, but the absence of an eating utensil and the presence of some other object in the baby’s hand puts it all into perspective. Perhaps they’re holding onto the chair so as not to pass out from spaghetti overload. Carbs make us sleepy, after all, so it’s good there’s a handle there. And clearly, this child prioritized getting the food into their mouth more than anything else, be it a bib or a fork.

11 Whipping Up An Impressive Snack


Let’s be honest, grown-ups: we’ve all taken a squirt of whipped cream from that aerosol can in the fridge. And while we’re not proud of it, it’s one of those untold truths about being an adult who can buy their own darn whipped cream. This kid though? Major props for taking a chance on an entire plate of whipped cream. Then again, maybe the parents were in on it, but either way, this is one majorly foodie family if the child is going to double-fist her way through this plate of whipped deliciousness. But hey, that’s probably only half the can, so there’s plenty for mom and dad (and the dolly), too.

10 A Face Full Of Smiles


By all appearances, this little one has just enjoyed a treat of chocolate. At least, we kind of hope that’s what it was, because it would be a real bummer if this kiddo’s parents fed them some pureed baby food and they still reacted with pleasure like this. Just look at that smile. Doesn’t it look like a chocolate-induced one? But this baby is still young, so maybe any kind of food instills that joy in them, and shouldn’t we all be so happy about our meals? Whatever was on the spoon, the fact that it’s on her face now says everything we need to know about this girl’s relationship with food.

9 The Charm Of Churros

Red Tricycle

Churros are the one junk food that even grown-ups crave, so it’s nice to know that we’re not the only ones who can’t resist the cinnamon-y sugar-y goodness. And not only is this child enjoying her churro, but she has a second one yet to nosh on. It also looks like these churros were part of a greater and more inspiring dessert: chocolate ice cream. Okay, it might be soft-serve, but the point is: adults, we don’t have to eat our single churro on its own. We can have two, yes twoand top them with chocolate ice cream and sprinkles. ‘Cuz this kid said so.

8 All In With The Ice Cream

Eat Drink and Save Money

If this isn’t inspiration to order a double scoop in a waffle cone next time you hit the ice cream shop, we don’t know what is. That cone is bigger than this kiddo can handle, but he’s still going all-in with it, wearing it all over his face and his cute little onesie. The technique might be lacking a bit, sure, but does this guy even have enough teeth to gnaw down the waffle cone at the edges in the proper ice cream eating form? Probably not. But he’s got the right idea as far as holding it with both hands and looking possessive of it.

7 Nothing Like Home-Made

Yostee Bean

When your bowl is empty and you still haven’t had enough, it’s perfectly fine to lick the ice cream maker clean. At least, we think that’s what’s happening here. And seriously, what kid wouldn’t think to scrape off every last bit of sugary goodness from the thing? After all, homemade ice cream is just as good as or better than the store-bought variety. And teaching our children appreciation for homemade food is important. Especially when it’s ice cream that takes a whole lot of churning and a whole lot of patience to create. We’re thinking another batch is in order, though…

6 The Crowning French Fries


We’ll just call this kid Princess In-N-Out because hey, it fits. Not only is this kiddo looking so regal with that trademarked paper cap, but everyone loves the fries from In-N-Out, so this image is iconic. After all, doesn’t just looking at those fresh-cut potatoes make you salivate? And then thinking about animal fries on top of it? Everything there is delicious, but these delicacies are limited to the West Coast of the US. But alas, if you’ve never tried In-N-Out before, you’ll just have to take our word for it and live vicariously through this tot who’s clearly living better than you are.

5 First Foods For The Win


So baby food isn’t the most exciting food out there. But when it’s your first foray into eating real food and you get all kinds of kudos for handling the spoon properly, and then you’re memorialized on IG as inspiration to all the other babies? Yes, this kiddo is clearly winning, even if that baby cereal doesn’t exactly look appetizing to adult taste buds. Still, this kid is well on their way to eating all of the delicious and supremely messy items from the above entries, so we’d call that a win at the end of the day. After all, you’ve got to start somewhere.

4 A Very Veggie Tot


While it’s fun and cute to stare at photos of babies eating junk food, it’s also not really healthy. Sure, treats are fine every now and then, but we do realize that as early as most of us became foodies, it’s still not a good idea to literally feed your toddler as many helpings as they want from the Nutella jar. Which is why this kiddo is another #foodiegoals tot. After all, vegetables are food, too, and it’s good to start kids off young with actually enjoying them, such as this little rabbit snacking on some carrots. Hopefully they’ve got enough teeth to manage the crunch!

3 Who Says It’s Not For Tots

Granted, this kiddo may not have any teeth yet, but that doesn’t mean he’s not enjoying the flavor of what appears to be a savory turkey leg. After all, it won’t be long until he’s got a mouth full of teeth to gnaw on a slab of meat. While his parents might be a bit ambitious about getting the tot to become a foodie early in life, he’s obviously enjoying the treat, and there are much worse things parents could be feeding their toothless babies. Besides, meat has plenty of protein and healthy fat, things growing bodies… er… babies need.

2 Get In Ma Mouth


Every adult out there has, at one point or another, gotten so frustrated with chasing bits of food around their bowls, that they’ve just grunted “Get in ma mouth” and used their hand instead. Oh no? Maybe it’s just me? Well anyway, this child was clearly fed up with the lack of spoon on their plate, but probably also the tiny size of those adorable yet tough to grasp noodles. I can still see a bit of a smile in this kiddo’s eyes, though, so that means it’s worth it. Besides, the parents didn’t offer up a spoon, so what other way was there?

1 Pizza: What Life Is Made Of

Family in Motion

All children should learn early in life that pizza is everything. And this little one has clearly learned it. Pizza slice as big as her head? Check. Two-handed delivery to the mouth? Check. It might just be cheese and sauce, but this child is definitely doing pizza right. And there’s no doubt she’s already hooked, and may have even been before she had enough teeth to manage this slice on her own. After all, no matter where you live in the world, you know what it’s like to crave and then partake in a hot and saucy pizza.