20 Foods Busy Parents Can Eat With Just One Hand

Super Mom: 20 Foods Busy Parents Can Eat With Just One Hand

It’s time we start eating foods that don’t come off of a plate with a cartoon character on it.

Let’s face it—moms are always on the go and usually subsist on the leftovers of whatever their kid refused to eat that day. “Mom! You didn’t cut the crust off!” Oh, kids… we love them, but they really can be the pickiest eaters in the world.  Imagine the meltdown if even a sliver of an olive touched their slice of pizza. In fact, that’s probably how the apocalypse is brought on. Toddlers banding together to revolt against broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and canned green beans. Kids should definitely win some sort of Emmy award for their performance when they see something on their plate that they’ve decided they don’t like anymore.

Moms, we all need a break from having to live on sandwich crusts and the last spoonful of mac and cheese. It’s time to find foods that don’t taste like cardboard but can be eaten with one hand, leaving your other hand free to wrangle the latest sibling fight over which crayons are whose. It may not be the glitz and glam we thought it would be when we had that tiny baby growing inside of us, but this is the reality, and the reality can be rough. Exhausting. Insanity-inducing chaos.  So, with that in mind, it’s time we start eating foods that don’t come off of a plate with a cartoon character on it.  These foods are out there—we promise.

20 Go Cubes Chewable Coffee


Obviously, the first thing we need to focus on is how we’re going to get you that caffeine boost to get you through the morning. Nap time just can’t come fast enough.  You probably don’t always have time to brew coffee.  Even if you were to try, there’s a good chance one of your kiddos has tried to light a match or stick a fork in the light socket. You’re busy, and Go Cubes gets that.  Go Cubes are coffee chews that come in three different flavors.  They contain 100mg of caffeine and 200mg of L-Theanine. Basically, this is the chewable item that’s going to keep you running after those kiddos until it’s time for them to settle down for a nap (or for the night).  Waste time on coffee?  Not anymore.

19 Snackeez Combo Food And Beverage Cups

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Okay, so technically, this isn’t food. Snackeez have the ability to hold both your snack and drink in one container. Meaning, if you just sat down and realized you needed a snack, you’re covered because it’s already there and waiting. (Bonus, the kids won’t hear a crinkly bag opening and come running for treats.) Snackeez come in kid sizes, too, but this article is about things to make your life easier, so let’s focus on that. The kids can eat popcorn out of a bowl instead of your awesome multitasking cup. Hide your chocolate stash in there if you’d like. No one can see what’s in the snack part anyhow. Enjoy one-handed sipping and eating without being mobbed by requests for sharing.

18 Hot Dogs

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They definitely can be eaten with one hand. Plus, they’re pretty filling to boot. Kids love them, so you don’t have to worry about making food for you and then more food for them. You can make one meal, serve it with one hand, and eat with the other. This means by the time dinner is over, you’ll have at least one free hand to start clearing the table, and isn’t that what every mother dreams of? Lest you think hot dogs are too lowbrow for you, rest assured celebrities love hot dogs. There are pictures all over where celebs are stuffing their mouths with this delicious one-handed food. Just maybe go easy on the condiments because no one wants to have relish and mustard hands.

17 Uncrustables PB&J Sandwiches


Yes, this sounds like a kids-only food, but when it comes to eating with one hand and holding a baby with the other, these things can be a real lifesaver.  Just thaw, unwrap, and eat. No prep time, no mess, no knives or plates to wash.  It’s a busy mom’s dream food in those ways. Who among us really wants to create more dishes to do when what we could do instead is just throw away a flimsy wrapper and enjoy some gooey PB&J deliciousness?  The downside here is the kids might hear you opening the wrapper and come running. Kind of like when cats hear that can opener.  I think the key is to open it quietly and then hide while you eat it.  You and the baby you’re holding can probably fit inside a closet, right?  Uncrustables has even started to release more adult-friendly flavors including wheat bread.  They’ve also introduced a version with Nutella.  Give them a chance, and don’t even think twice about indulging in what you once thought was a snack only for children.

16 Amy’s Organic Pocket Sandwiches


There is a handheld version of a pocket sandwich that’s made for you. As always, it leaves one hand free to take away the TV remote and switch it back to a show that doesn’t include finding locations on a map and a magical backpack. You’ll need that hand. It’s important. Trust me. These pocket sandwiches come in various flavors and are easy to heat up with that super handy dandy microwave. How did we ever live without those things? This is definitely a “heat and go” situation. If little Timmy is late for soccer, you can grab this on the way out the door and still eat while you watch him learn that he can’t throw the ball in the game of soccer.

15 Pita Pocket Sandwiches

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Pita pockets are so versatile, there’s bound to be some combination you can whip up that’ll tantalize your taste buds and still only take that precious one hand to eat. Add veggies, add meat, or add tons of the stuff your kids refuse to eat. In fact, if you do that, you never have to worry about sharing even a bite of your delicious food. It does take more than one hand to fill the pocket, but the process is usually fairly quick and painless, and the payoff is great. Eat your sandwich while hiding in your bedroom to make sure you don’t go crazy after hearing Baby Shark for the 10,000th time today. You can’t hear it if you’re too busy eating after all.

14 Pre-Popped Popcorn


Popcorn that comes pre-made in a variety of flavors is a mom’s best friend. Just grab a handful and keep right on going. Toddler yelling that there’s a mess in the bathroom? Grab some popcorn, take a deep breath before you gobble it down, and put on the mom armor needed for a toddler bathroom mishap. Popcorn is a great snack, and even better, there are flavors out there that most kids aren’t going to even want to touch. Can we all agree that foods only needing one hand AND don’t have to be shared are the cream of the crop here? Don’t ever be ashamed to shovel those kernels in like there are diamonds at the bottom of the bag. Dignity isn’t required when it comes to popcorn.

13 Pre-Cut Sushi Rolls

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You don’t have to give up delicious sushi just because it sometimes takes both hands to eat. Pre-cut rolls are a perfect solution to this problem when you’re craving sushi and nothing else will do. Skip being fancy, and just go right ahead and dig in with your fingers. You’re a mom, after all, so you’re bound to be washing your hand, sushi or not. There are so many varieties of rolls out there, it’s impossible to even begin to name them all. All you need to know is you don’t have to give up your indulgent sushi lifestyle just because one arm is always busy playing referee or holding a baby. Pre-cut rolls are the way to go, and they taste great. Go for them.

12 Drinkable Yogurt

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Why create more dishes to wash when we can open a bottle and drink a yummy yogurt smoothie with the same great flavor as its mess-making cousin? Various brands have jumped on the drinkable yogurt bandwagon, so you definitely have your pick on which ones you want to try. Late for work because the kids weren’t ready to head out the door again? Grab a drinkable yogurt on your way out, and be satisfied that you had at least some sort of breakfast to start your day. Maybe next time, drink the yogurt while you set your clocks ahead by 10 minutes without telling the kids. Or just change the ringtone on their phone. That always gets their attention.

11 Snack Wraps


You had to know snack wraps would make this list. They’re wraps you can hold, eat, and walk with all at the same time. They taste amazing no matter the flavor, and they’re very filling. Snack wraps are a wonderful invention that never lets us down. You can buy them in grocery stores or even at fast-food places. Either way, you’re guaranteed a filling snack that only takes one part of your body away, leaving you free to reach back behind you to see who’s kicking the back of your seat in the car. Which, let’s face it, is a very important mystery to solve. Grab those snack wraps, and get to investigating. Your lower back will thank you.

10 Breakfast Cookies

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Yes, cookies. For breakfast. It’s a real food thing, and they’re a wonderful way to start your day. Maybe your mom told you cookies aren’t breakfast, but we’re here to say they most certainly are a breakfast food now. In fact, give your mom a call, and let her know you scarfed down a cookie or 12 for breakfast today and don’t feel one ounce of guilt about it. You can eat these amazing cookies with one hand while you check homework and sign permission forms with the other. All those busy morning tasks can be accomplished while eating a cookie. How great is that? It’s so great, you should probably just go ahead and have one more just for good measure.

9 Campbell’s Sipping Soup

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Talk about a delicious one-handed wonder! These soups come in delicious flavors that only require a short amount of time in the microwave. Place the sip-friendly top back on the soup, and enjoy. It’s like a full meal; only it means you can walk around and drink your meal while stepping on the Legos the kids forgot to pick up. Don’t worry, though—your mouth will be too happy sipping on the soup to yell. Depending on the flavor, you may not even notice your foot’s in excruciating Lego-related pain. The outside of the can stays cool, so no need to worry about burning your hand, meaning once you finish, you’ll have two hands to get back to child wrangling.

8 Microwaveable Quesadillas


They’re real, and they’re pretty awesome. Since they aren’t the huge version you get at your local eatery, these bad boys are ready to go once nuked. They’re perfectly sized for the palm of your hand, leaving you free to go about your day.  Need to point your finger and use a middle name while scolding someone? You can now do that while eating a delicious quesadilla. Time to tell those kiddos it’s house cleaning time?  Grab that quesadilla and take the sting out of hearing them whine about it. Think of this as your own little ticket to Cabo, only much less expensive and probably more productive in the end. Either way, enjoy and don’t be afraid to come back for seconds.

7 Cereal Bars

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You don’t have time for breakfast. Breakfast time is for people who have time to luxuriously read the paper while eating perfectly cooked eggs.  You need something that satiates your hunger as you’re packing lunches and getting kids out the door in time to catch the bus.  Enter the cereal bar—a breakfast bar that’ll have you going back for seconds or even thirds.  Who’d notice? The kids are already out the door. Indulge yourself and enjoy that third serving.  Cereal bars come in flavors kids would love and in flavors adults crave as well.  No need to worry about stealing the Lucky Charms version from your kid when your own personal flavor needs are catered to in this very form.

6 Portable Protein Snack Packs


We no longer need to be jealous of our kids’ Lunchables. There are now portable protein snacks like P3 by Hormel that offer the same appeal just with more adult-friendly ingredients. Peel back the film, and you’re greeted with almonds, diced meats, and cubes of cheese. All are one-hand-friendly and a great way to get some of your energy back. This is the perfect one-handed snack for when you just realized it’s only 10:30 am and nap time is still 2 hours away. Can you make it? We have faith you can, but refueling your system sure won’t hurt the situation. There are quite a few brands out there, each offering their own unique items. Find a few, rip them open, and dig in.

5 Babybel Cheese

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Cheese that comes in its own protective wax wrapper? Is it more fun to eat or more fun to open? The debate remains unresolved, but one thing’s for sure: these tiny cheese snacks are perfect for a mom on the go. With a wax shell, you don’t have to worry about the mess, meaning you can toss them in that gigantic diaper bag and have what some like to call emergency purse cheese. Really, who doesn’t need emergency purse cheese to lift their spirits sometimes? Once again, it’s a snack that doesn’t have to be shared because all it takes is one bite. Babybel has cemented a solid place in the “on the go” snack market, even without being chocolate. Who knew that was possible?

4 Pre-Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs


We’re back on to protein here for this one. Sure you could make hard boiled eggs on your own at home, but you’re a busy mom, and having at your fingertips foods that are ready to eat is important to dealing with that busy life. Pre-peeled eggs save you the time of actually boiling the eggs as well as the frustration of trying to perfectly peel them. They come in packages of six (usually) and make your life just a little easier. Reach for one for just a plain snack, or slice it up for a nice salad. Eggs have now beaten a Kardashian in popularity on Instagram, so you know you’re going to be the cool mom with this snack.

3 Granola Bars

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They’re easy to carry in your purse, tasty, and hey… at least they’re not a Snicker’s bars. The granola bar market has become so creative with their flavor offerings, it’s hard to know what to choose anymore. The good old classic granola bar has never steered you wrong, but sometimes, those chocolate-drizzled bars look like a tempting tasty morsel of granola goodness. No matter the flavor you choose, these are a purse-friendly one-handed snack that’s going to satiate your hunger as you sit through another school play where no one can quite hear what the kids are saying. Thankfully, with a full stomach, you won’t be hangry, and you’ll be able to sincerely mean that standing ovation clap fest at the end of the show. Good going, mom.

2 Raisins


They come in tiny individual boxes (which you can, of course, hold in one hand), are sweet, and are quick to eat. Lots of kids view them as an invalid snack option, so score yet another point for moms everywhere in finding another food that won’t be stolen by tiny hands. Raisins have evolved over the past years, and now, we have all kinds of great options. Craisins, anyone? The best part about raisins might just be how tiny they are. You feel like you’re eating way more than you should, and yet, it’s still a perfectly acceptable serving size. Moms everywhere, rejoice! Raisins are indulgent without having the chance to slow you down while chasing those kiddos around the yard. It’s an all-around win for raisins.

1 Squeezable Applesauce Pouches

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There’s no shame in your game here, mama. You can steal this one directly from the snacks your kids like to eat. They’re portable and easy to toss into the car or purse, and with all the flavours out there, you aren’t bound to get bored with them very easily. Just make sure with this particular one-hander that you have plenty to share because your kids will notice that you’re eating one of their staples. The squeeze pouch gives it that extra “it factor” in being a snack for busy moms because there’s no spoon needed. No mess to clean up. Just eat and toss away so you can move on to helping your fourth grader with the Math homework even you don’t understand.